Monday, January 05, 2009

Rockets Keep Coming-Israel's Humanitarian Aid Keeps Rolling

Rockets continue to fall, and Israelis still must be in shelters. Today 9 people were lightly hurt in Ashkelon, Portland's sister city. An empty kindergarten was hit. today 20 of our soldiers were wounded and 3 have been killed. In the midst of it all, Israeli doctors performed surgery on a Gazan baby.
396 trucks full of humanitarian aid have been delivered through the crossings into Gaza since the beginning of Operation Cast Lead including basic foods, medications, medical supplies, blood units and donations from various governments and blood units. I just hope it gets to the civilians in Gaza. Today 80 more trucks were to arrive. We have evacuated 20 Palestinians for medical treatment including 2 children. By weight, 10,000 tons of aid were trucked into Gaza at the request of international organization, the Palestinian Authority (I would think that would be Fatah's Abbas), and some governments since Operation Cast Lead. The World Food Program found that the warehouses in Gaza are completely full, so they don't have to ship any food into Gaza. They have enough to last for 2 weeks. We need about 10 more days of being there, was today's report.
Wounded Palestinians are not allowed by Hamas to go into Egypt for treatment. Are they afraid that they won't come back? Hamas does have its own hospitals, but reports on TV are they they are overwhelmed.
800,000 and more leaflets were given out by the IDF to civilians telling them to stay away from terrorists and weapons sites. Populated areas were told more than 70 times before the IDF conducted airstrikes.
The Israel Project : Gaza by the Numbers
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