Friday, January 02, 2009

Sderot and Ashkelon Casualties
Friday Sderot was hit as Palestinians launched rockets at Israel with some 35 projectiles hitting the surrounding area. Eshkol also took a hit. A Kassam rocket hit an electric cable causing power cuts in the town. Another hit a Sdot Negev greenhouse. All told, 2 kassam rockets have hit Sderot on Friday.
The volley included hitting Ashkelon's area, which is Portland's sister city. One house took a direct hit. five civilians were lightly wounded and five were treated for shock. A man and woman were hit with light shrapnel when two Grad rockets landed in open areas of the city. A car was damaged by one of the rockets. Ashkelon has taken hits from 4 grads which have a longer range than kassams. The IDF was able to take out the cell that was the cause of the early morning rocket attack.
Operation Cast Lead started on Saturday, the 27th of December. This is the 7th day. Three Israeli civilians and one soldier have been killed by rocket attacks which are reaching deeper into Israel. Israel's population is 7 million including 20% Arabs. We now find out that 1/8 of the population are within rocket range. The Hamas terrorists seem to have an unending supply of rockets brought to them from Iran through their tunnels.
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