Sunday, January 18, 2009

Things Done in the Name of Peace
Since 2005
1. Evacuated all of Gaza Strip, and handed it to Palestinians.
a. Uprooted 21 Israeli settlements
b. 9,000 Israelis (1,700 families) moved from
2. Evacuated 300 square miles of West Bank for Palestinians.
a. Uprooted 4 Israeli settlements
3. Uprooted 21 Israeli settlements in Gaza.
Total Israelis moved from both places: 9,000 (1,700 families) Gazans would not allow any Jews to live in their area, though Israel is made of 20% Arabs of those who stayed and their descendants. That 20% Arab population number 1.2 million and are citizens. Being a citizen of Israel means freedom of speech, religion, press, and the right to vote.
1. Finally after 8 years of patience and pleading which led to no avail, we tried to stop the attacks on our civilians.
2. Although the terrorists hid behind women and children, we tried our best to just hit their arsonal. It is impossible to not cause casualties this way when their people mean so little to them.
We did the following things during Operation Cast Lead:
1. 1,365 truckloads of humanitarian aid brought into Gaza; basic food commodities, medication, medical supplies, blood units, various donations from other governments.
2. 33,580 tons of aid into Gaza. Two weeks ago World Food Program needed to cease shipments because warehouses were at full capacity.
3. 440,000 gal. fuel to Gaza
4. 980,000 leaflets to Gazans to stay away from terrorists and weapons storage
5. 30,000+ telephone calls of warning of airstrikes.
6. 36 adult Palestinians and 2 children taken to Israel for medical treatment.
Reference: The Israel Project;
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