Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Terrorist Techniques to Win Support
Yesterday Israel returned mortar bomb fire with a tank shell from a U.N. school in Gaza. Our return fire landed outside the school. A series of explosions followed, showing that munitions and explosives were in the building. At the same time, Palestinians were in the school, and many lost their lives. Immad Abu Iskar and Hassan Abu ZIskar were the two known Hamas mortar crewmen, and they were killed in the blast.
This has been the practice of Hamas terrorists, one reason I call them terrorists, for they not only terrorize Israel but their own civilians are often the brunt of their cruelty.
Hamas had said earlier that they had traps set for our soldiers, and this is probably what they meant. They use civilians as human shields in order to use media to pressure Israel.
Two Palestinian residents witnessed this and said, "they saw a small group of militants firing mortar rounds from a street near the school, where 350 people had gathered to get away from the shelling. They spoke on condition of anonymity for fear of reprisal."
YNet News reported that civilians are used as cannon fodder or human shields. Those residents who tried to leave their homes in the northern area of Gaza were forced to go back at gunpoint by Hamas.
Some civilians reported that Hamas gunmen pull children along with them by the ears from place to place. They think that the children will protect them from the IDF. Others hide in homes and stairwells, UNRWA ambulances and mosques. Nothing is sacred.
Hamas gunmen have held civilians hostage in alleyways to give themselves live barricades to ward off IDF forces.
Having been born before WWII, I don't remember ever reading about people doing such things. This is barbaric. A soldiers' duty is to serve the civilian population, not hide behind them. It's been the practice for the "Palestinian" terrorists, whatever party they have belonged to, to attack Israeli women and children in Israel. In Safed, where I lived and taught in the 80's, is a cemetery made up of the children from a school they had attacked. They attack buses, schools, restaurants, etc constantly in Israel. Never do I remember reading much about it in the American newspapers. There hadn't been any uproar about it as is happening now against Israel.
Today IDF is allowing a 3 hour cease fire in order to allow trucks with humanitarian goods to enter safely and to allow civilians to get food supplies, medical help, etc. I don't believe that this has happened in any war that Americans have been in, but it's possible. It surely wouldn't happen if the Israelis needed the break.
This is why there is a difference in casualties between the two. Israel protects its citizens while the "Palestinians" sacrifice theirs.
Update: 1/7/09 1:46pm Oregon- Some reported that 1,300 Palestinians were hiding in the school. It must have been a terribly big school to hold that many people. 30 were killed and 50-55 were wounded. The school grounds were being used by the terrorists to fire bombs. They had booby traps inside the school which triggered the explosions. This was similar to 2007 where they had used a school to hide weapons. Christopher Bunness of the UN Relief and Works Agency was responsible for the school. He thought there were no militants or artillary inside the school. He wasn't aware of what was going on, evidently.
Go to the following website to view a video of what is happening to the children and why they grow up hating Jews.
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