Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Muslims in London Dealing with Police

Continued report from Tamar Boussi in Jerusalem

"I am also attaching a video from London. It is a shocking scene of a mob of supporters of Islamic terrorism chasing a large group of London police officers down the streets of London for many blocks. Given that Britain is one of the countries that feels it is qualified to tell Israel how to handle the terrorists, this is a question to ponder--How much attention should we give to international opinion and advice?"

Tamar, I would say that the British police in this incident have failed completely. It is scary to think that they cannot protect themselves. Many places in Europe have already had problems with the Muslims who seem to be taking over neighborhoods and have been aggressive towards Jews. I would say that international opinion and advice is to be taken with a grain of salt. We need to use our own intelligence and moral understandings. As we say, the youtube example is a "shunda'.

What rankles me is their yelling: "Free Palestine!" There never has been a country of Palestine, and they have been given all of Gaza and half of the West Bank already. What they want is all of Israel. They are a brain-washed hot-headed group of hatred who have been fed a pack of lies and are so gullible to believe it all. They know the British police are not armed and take joy in threatening them. Now they will be power hungry to do more harm. This irrational behavior is what is scary. You can't deal with it if you are sane. You can't discuss anything with them.

Nadene Goldfoot
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