Tuesday, January 06, 2009

No Peace with Two States and Why Nadene Goldfoot
Encouraging Israel to accept a two state solution may sound good on paper, but the people we're dealing with have other motives in mind other than peace, which makes it impossible. I've been an on and off advocate for this for some time, as I couldn't see any better solution, but my old friend, David Bedein's son, Noam, has more insight into the situation as he writes in the Jerusalem Post.
He points out that this solution used by Israel's advocates as our justification to approach a peaceful solution is boomeranging. This is being pursued while we are being bombed. 7,000 missiles have been fired at Israel from Gaza over the past 3 years, hardly a neighborly peaceful decision to show their eagerness for peace.
The Iranian weapons Palestinians are using are delivered by Syria and Egypt . Now we see that Hamas is Iran's 3rd subject after Hizbullah in Lebanon. Shockingly, Norway, while knowing these facts, gave $100 million to the PA this past year who uses the money, not for the people, but to finance terrorism against Israel.
On November 26, 2006, before the last cease-fire (6 months of "cease fire" where only 300 missiles were fired at Israel) the PA stated, "We will not stop firing on the Zionist settlement Sderot until the last citizen of Sderot leaves." The PA's map of Palestine replaces Sderot with pre-1948 Najd. Ashkelon is replaced by al-Majdal. Ashdod is replaced by Isdod. Does anyone have delusions of their peaceful intent? The PA is not into a peaceful solution. They are out to "liberate" the rest of Palestine.
There will be no peace in the Middle East even if the Palestinians have their own independent state of the West Bank and Gaza. This will not bring security and the firing on Israel will not stop. Someone had better think up a better idea outside the box, like a miracle. With Hamas, it just won't happen.
In my own mind, I've thought that if G-d wanted it to happen, it would happen. Like a miracle, the Palestinian leader Arafat and now Hamas have refused all chances of creating a state on the land that has been so precious and meaningful to us for all these centuries. Unbelieveably, they have thrown away their chances for a state and happiness in the name of greed and hatred, opting for all the land unlike what we had done. If ever there was a G-d on high, this seemed to prove it. Thank you Ha-Shem. The decision was not in our hands only but in theirs. Again, hatred has been ruling their hearts, and they are out to kill us all, every Jew in the world, as their latest calls for jihad have stated. While the rest of the world would rather keep their heads in the sand and not see the reality of it all, our leaders are making the last stand at the Alamo. It's a life and death situation; to be forever shelled and live in fear, or stand up for our rights while we can. My constant prayer is that the world will wake up to the facts and open up their hearts and minds and back us in our zeal to live in peace.
I am grateful that Fatah's Abbas in the West Bank is behaving as if he wants peace. His soldiers/police have even put down some rioting that I have read about during this Operation Lead. This solution we have had to take would benefit him, one would think, if Hamas were toppled and the Palestinians saw that his people were closer to achieving a peaceful life. However, he's only a shade better in my opinion. He's against any Jew living in Hebron and wants to move the some 800 Jewish people out. The fact that Israel contains 20% Arabs does not faze him. He's not a democratic thinker.
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