Saturday, January 17, 2009

Day 22-Israel Stopping Operation Lead
The USA, along with Great Britain, Italy, Germany and France and Egypt, have promised that they would help in keeping weapons from getting to Hamas in the Gaza, so Israel has ceased fire after its 22 day fight with the terrorists at 2:00am, but will remain deployed in Gaza. When it is sure of safety for Israelis, it will leave.
Hamas has not gone along with this cease fire. It is not known how all these countries will keep arms from getting to Hamas. " The defensive operation was designed to dismantle the infrastructure of Hamas, which has fired more than 10,000 rockets, mortars and missiles at Israel since 2001. [2] Hamas’s terror campaign is backed by the Islamic Republic of Iran, the world’s largest state sponsor of terrorism and a chief sponsor of Palestinian terrorism. It provides Hamas about $20 million -$30 million to Hamas annually and also trains Hamas operatives in Iran and Syria.
Update: Since Israel began the cease-fire, Hamas has fired 16 rockets and mortars at Israeli civilians . They also shot at Israeli troops in northern Gaza. Fawzi Barhoum, Hamas terrorist spokesman said, "This will not mean an end to resistance." Later on Sandy Hamas declared their own ceasefire, holding it only if Israel removes its troops from Gaza within a weeks and open all Gaza border crossings. Olmert said that Irael would take action of defense if the rocket attacks continued." It's a standoff right now.
Reference: The Israel Project press@the Ceasefire Update: Gaza by the Numbers
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