Saturday, January 10, 2009

The United Nations cease fire bill for Hamas and Israel did not even mention Hamas's name. All the blame was put on Israel. The Oregon resolution passed both in the House and Senate, which shows that our state is fair and our leaders much better informed. I'm proud of those that voted for it.

That doesn't help Israel, though. It wasn't a world decision. Hamas has refused it, and it was not a good bill for Israel. It would accomplish nothing in the position of stopping the shelling of Israel. So the war is continuing. 20 Grads hit Israel today from Hamas bombers, but Amir Mansi, leader of the terrorist Hamas, in charge of these Grads, was killed while firing one.

Another resolution, the American H.Res.34, recognizing Israel's right to defend itself against attacks from Gaza, supports the Israeli-Palestinian peace process. It passed the House by a 390-5 margin, after passing the Senate by a unanimous voice vote.

This says that Hamas must end the rocket attacks against Israel and verifiably dismantle its terrorist infrastructure. The administration is to work to support a ceasefire in Gaza that prevents hamas from retaining terrorist infrastructure. All nations are called on to condemn Hamas for embedding fighters and weapons among civilian populations and lays blame for the casualties in Gaza on hamas. egypt is to intensify its efforts to halt smuggling between Egypt and Gaza. Gilad shalit, the kidnapped Israeli soldier is to be released immediately. It supports a two-state resolution that is sustainable.

Reference: Rayburn house office Bldg, Washington, DC 20515, Office of Greg Walden OR-02.
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