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Gaza's Size Compared with Other Places

Communities of Arabs living in Gaza are often called "Refugee camps". It is the Palestinian Authority that governs the Gaza Strip that prevents these people from moving into permanent housing. This now is in the hands of Hamas. The PA or Hamas have taken a "politcal decision" not to touch the camps. It is not true that they are the world's most densely populated places.
Israel is not responsible for the refugee camps of the Arab Palestinians.

The Gaza Strip has a population density of about=9,533 people per square mile (CIA Factbook figures) in an area of about =139 square miles. This is the same size as 2 Washington, D.C.s laid side by side, which has the density of=9,378 people per square mile. This is 4,167 people/sq km (1.5 million people, 360 sq. km.) from George Galloway reference or 4,270 people/sq km (1,537.269 people as on July 2008 for 360 sq km) from CIA projection.

Palestinian Territories (Gaza and and West Bank) from Wikipedia: has 4,018,332 people in 6,020 sq km with 667 per sq km.

Gaza: 9,533 people per sq mi

New York City has a land area of 321 sq mi is larger than the Gaza Strip but has a population density of 26,517 people per sq mi. This is 2.78 times the density of people per sq mi than exists in Gaza.

In Manhattan in the Upper East Side lives 109,628 people per sq mi, which is 11.5 times more dense than Gaza and 1.37 times the density of Rafah and Jabaliya.

The Lower East Side/Chinatown is 93,413 sq mi and the West Side/Upper has 98,436 sq mi. Each neighborhood has a population density higher than the 80,000 people per sq mi in Rqfah and Jabaliya.

Density in Israel and Other Places

Israel as of 2004 UN records has 7,180,000 people/22,072 sq km; 325 per sq km

Tel Aviv, Israel has 7,445 people/sq km vs Gaza Strip with either 4,167 people/sq km or 3,822 people sq km 385,000 people are in 51.8 sq km. Tel Aviv metro area including suburbs has 5,050 people/sq km (2.3 million people, 453 sq km.)

Mumbai, India has 27,209 people/sq km.

Kolkata, West Bengal, India 24,000 people/sq km

Hong Kong has 6,352 people/sq km.

Singapore has 6,252 people/sq km

Moscow, Russia has 4,900 people/sq km

Tokyo/Yokahama, Japan has 4,750 people/sq km

Warsaw, Poland has 4,300 people/sq km

London, England has 5,100 people/sq km

USA has 301,140,000 people living in 9,629,091 sq km with 31 per sq km.

Jordan has 5,702,776 people living in 89,342 sq km with 64 per sq km.

Saudi Arabia has 24,573,100 people living in 2,149,690 sq km with 11.4 per sq km.

Bahrain has 1,046,814 people living in 720 sq km with 1,454 per sq km

Lebanon has 4,011,,000 people living in 10,452 sq km with 386 per sq km.

Kuwait has 2,686,873 people living in 17,818 sq km with 151 per sq km.

Egypt has 72,850,000 people living in 1,001,449 sq km with 72 per sq km.

The world as of 2004 had 6,733,164,238 people living in 148,940,000 sq km. of land. This is a
density of 45.21 people per sq km. This is not including oceans.
City Mayors site: from Bob Horenstein "Correction of Arab Propaganda"

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