Monday, January 26, 2009

Jimmy Carter Trashed Israel Again

Nadene Goldfoot
In plugging his new book about the Middle East and Peace, ex president Jimmy Carter continually knocked Israel on the Today Show this morning. He started by calling the Gaza fight a debacle, then continued to say that Israel had never restored provisions to Hamas. He refused to recognize that Hamas is a terrorist group, and kept saying that they always kept their word with him. He said that you can trust Hamas. Then he blatedly said that Hamas never fired a shot until after 11/4/when Israel finally fought back. Such lies just made my stomach turn.

Carter continued saying that if they don't adopt his provisions, things will go bad. It seems that he still thinks he is calling all the shots and has done the most good for the area. He likes Mitchell, as he is tougher than anyone else in dealing with Israel and the Arab countries.

Interestingly, he mentioned Obama calling up all the surrounding Arab countries and forgot Abbas's name but when prompted, recognized the unnamed was a Fatah leader, but according to his memory, Israel was not called. At least he never mentioned it. That may be true.

So from what I understood of this interview, Hamas is a trustworthy group, not terrorists, who never fired a shot at Israel. It was only Israel who attacked and went into Gaza for no reason. Thank you Mr. Carter, for your anti-Israel views. It makes understanding your previous books so much easier. You're just against Israel no matter what.

Reference: January 26, 2009 Today Show 8:45 am. Interview Jimmy Carter video of Carter's interview
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