Sunday, June 10, 2012

What About the Palestinians? PA changes Rules of the Game

Nadene Goldfoot
On May 16th PA President Mahmoud Abbas announced to all that Arab Palestinians living in Lebanon, Egypt, Syria and Jordan or the other 132 countries he says they reside in, even those living in refugee camps in the planned Palestine state if still listed as refugees will not become citizens of the new state of Palestine.  No Jews of course, will be allowed to live there, either.  This was done through an op-ed to the New York Times.  Their first goal is to become members of the UN as a state in order to bring Israel to court and destroy them.

His plan is to keep the Palestinian Arabs  on the dole from UNRWA, which Americans and Europeans pay taxes to upkeep. They certainly don't want to miss out on that money.  

Why this change in understanding the goal of creating a Palestine?  The world has been misled.  They do not intend to be the saviors and take care of their own people.  It's not to end such a conflict between Israel and Fatah-Hamas.  Their main goal is to change the rules and be able to claim legally and politically something against Israel at the UN, human rights treaty bodies and the International Court of Justice.  This is their way of continuing their war against Israel.  Ambassador Abdullah Abdullah also stated that the Palestinians will not automatically become citizens.  He wants UNRWA to be responsible for refugees and would continue its work as usual.  A few of the American Senators are already planning to cut down on the refugee list as it has grown to something like 5 million since the inception.  They have included children, grandchildren, great grandchildren and so on.  

They don't want anyone to think that they would ever make any accommodations with the Zionists.  Statehood is just the means for the great final jihad and they are making it more efficient.  The major goal has never changed.  They are planning to wipe Israel off the face of the earth.  They keep denying the opportunity to make peace and thus establish a Palestine in order to achieve success and bring about another genocide against Jews.  To support a Palestinian state is supporting destruction of Israel and the genocide of its people, including the 1.4 million Arabs already living there.

Anyone for the continued existence of Israel has been called a Nazi or an extremist, somebody that shouldn't be listened to. All materials defending Israel might be labeled "Nazi" materials, no less.   Every time we've had some sort of affair going on at our Mittleman Jewish Community Center involving an Israeli program, we have passionate dissidents outside in the streets calling out nasty names to us.  Alan Dershowitz in his book  "The Case Against Israel's Enemies" has also had such experiences that were downright scary.  He saw: "passionate hatred, ecstatic hatred, orgasmic hatred.  It was beyond mere differences of opinion.  Phyllis Chesler describes the hatred she has seen as "eroticized."  "When Dershowitz looked into the faces of the protesters, he could imagine young Nazis in the 1930s in Hitler's Germany.  They had no doubt that they were right and he was pure evil for his support of the Jewish state."  I was not accepted into a Socialist meeting knocking Israel because I had sent them my post proving that Israel was not an apartheid state and that's what their meeting was going to cover.  I guess they didn't want to know what the word meant but enjoyed calling Israel such a nasty word.  I was barred.

Therefore, if there is a Palestine created and it becomes a member of the UN, this will not end the conflict.  It will become a framework that will change the rules of the game and be in favor of kicking out the only Jewish state in the world in favor of a 49th  Muslim majority state which will benefit no Palestinian who has been in an refugee camp.  These people will never become citizens of their country.   Palestine will not be a democratic state like Israel for already we have known since it was spoken about that Jews living in the land would be removed as it is to be free of Jews.

Resource: by David Meir-Levi
Book:  The Case Against Israel's Enemies-exposing Jimmy Carter and others who stand in the way of peace" by Alan Dershowitz

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