Thursday, June 14, 2012

Iran Lets Cat Out of the Bag About Nuclear Weapons

Nadene Goldfoot
A commentary written by Alireza Forghani that just came out Sunday "The necessity for the Islamic world to have the Atomic Bomb" lets the cat out of the bag about Iran's intentions for producing nuclear energy.  He is the former governor of Iran's Kish Province and an analyst for the Ayatollah Khamenei.  He thinks all Muslim majority countries should help them get the nuclear bomb to disrupt the dreams of America and Israel.  He says it is their right to have a nuclear bomb and that Israel would have been gone 30 years ago but has such a weapon, keeping it here.  Frankly, I don't think Saudi Arabia would be very excited over Iran having the A Bomb, or even Iraq, who fought a huge war with Iran in the 1980's.  

Forghani even laid out a legal case for the destruction of Israel and all Jewish people in February.  It of course played in Iran only, and calls for a pre-emptive strike on Israel.  Fars News was happy to run this piece because it is run by the Revolutionary Guards and express the views of the Islamic regime.

He notes that the USA and Pakistan have the bomb and that America is the main enemy of Iran.  The Syrians and Lebanese Muslims, he says, are worried about being attacked by the USA if they don't cooperate.  Of course it has nothing to do with their shooting down their own people.  

He goes on to rave about the Islamic republic being threatened by America and they know Iran will be attacked. and recalls the Cold War against Russia.  America's being in Iraq and Afghanistan gives him fuel to project hatred.

We now see the failure between Iran and 6 world power nations in negotiations.  Iran refuses to suspend their nuclear enrichment and won't let inspectors see certain suspected sites.  They threaten counterattack for any aggression.  More threats are made on the USA than Israel in this article.  I think they fear a combined attack and of course the USA has more weaponry in its arsenal.

Other websites as well are reporting that the International Atomic Energy Agency is reporting a disappointing outcome from Friday's meeting..  In fact, they have retreated from previous commitments they had already made. Even China asked them to compromise.   Another meeting is scheduled in Moscow for June 18th, which is this coming Monday.  If nothing is successful even with sanctions in place, a European Union Oil embargo will be enforced on July 1st.  Only Iran's foreign minister, Ali Akbar Salehi, is confident of the final outcome.

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