Friday, June 01, 2012

Gaza Fence Stops Another Kidnapping

Nadene Goldfoot
Terrorists keep shooting at Israel while Hillary Clinton at the same time asks for the Palestinian Authority and Israel to resume peace negotiations.  Someone had better tell these terrorists to take a break.  It would be nice to see some goodwill gestures for a change instead of this constant terrorism if ever peace can be taken seriously.  .

Ahmed Abu Nasser, 22,  was part of a terror squad in Gaza ready to fire into Israel and scored a direct hit. In the ensuing attack, 4 people were killed and 4 wounded. The terror squad had fired mortars into the Eshkol Regional council area.

These terrorists had been sent out to kidnap an Israeli soldier, and actually succeeded in grabbing one, but that's as far as he got.  . This is deduced also because the slain terrorist had used night vision equipment in his early morning attack, showing his intentions.  He was breaking through the Gaza fence, put up to save lives.   In the attack, a 21 year old IDF soldier was killed who came from Ashkelon, our Portland's sister city, the one with the major hospital serving all people, Palestinian and Israeli who need it.  During a thick fog, the terrorist had  opened fire, killing Moshiashvili, causing the other IDF to open fire and kill the terrorist.  Two young kids who should have been going to college, and this is how the young spend some of their time in Israel and Gaza.

The Islamic Jihad terror organization has an armed Al-Quds wing, and they admitted it was this wing who was responsible for the attack.  The IDF holds Hamas responsible as it is they who rule Gaza.  Just like Sharon was held responsible for the Christian Militia who went into Lebanon, Hamas must take the responsibility.

Arutz Sheva by Gabe Kahn; IDF Retaliates After Deadly Kidnapping Attempt, Mortar Fire

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