Friday, June 15, 2012

Syria, Israel's Northern Border-Neighbor and What's New For Assad

Nadene Goldfoot
The border road is dangerous.  Pvt. Dor Gan, 19 years old, was killed while patrolling along the Syrian border fence near Yonathan village.  Three soldiers were injured when their jeep turned over.

Syria has long-range rockets that can carry poison warheads to any part of Israel, stated Major General Yair Naveh when speaking in a ceremony to the IDF soldiers at a memorial for fallen soldiers of the Sultan Yakoub Battle with the Syrian army in 1982.  He said nothing has changed since then in the way Syrians act.

Mazraat al-Qubeir, Syria was found to be massacred and deserted said UN monitors.    Government forces had been here, and had either shot or stabbed 50-80 people including women and children.

The Sunni rebels are not all that nice, either.  Germans are reporting that 98 deaths in Sunni town of Houla on May 25 were caused by these rebels who massacred the Alawite and Shiite families.  It is said that they even filmed the dead and presented them as Sunni.

Switzerland has frozen Syrian bank deposits and banned Syrian government bonds in trade.  In other words, they have been blacklisted.  Never mind though, Russia is supplying them with arms.  They're not taking sides, Russia said.  It  must be just business deals.  Russia is still against using force on Syria and has called for an international conference with the permanent Secuity Council powers, the European Union and influential countries in the area like Iran  to talk about the Annan plan.

It seems that the US has been arming the Syrian rebels according to Serge Lavrov, the Russian Foreign Minister  in Tehran.  This was in reply to Hillary Clinton's charge that Moscow is sending helicopters to Syria for Assad.  

Barack Obama said on June 11th that the USA Navy and Air Force are ordered to get ready to have a limited air offensive against Syria.  They are to knock out the central regime and military command centers.

As I watched TV back in 1980-1985 in Israel, I remember seeing the Syrian army show off their prowess by staging the most horrible exhibit of their capabilities I've ever seen.  They were standing at attention and in unison, bit into snakes, and then into puppies, right on TV.  I was sick.  I think it was to scare the audience into not messing with them.  It was traumatic to view and I haven't forgotten the horror of it.  From that experience, I can believe anything about their inhumanity.  If it wasn't doctored filming, it certainly was believable in those days.

Resource: DEBKAfile

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