Monday, June 25, 2012

No Let-Up of Rockets Raining in Israel During Putin's Visit

Nadene Goldfoot
Terrorists attacked the farming communities of the Eshkol Regional Council which is made up of 31 communities along the border of the Gaza Strip  with 2 mortar shells last night. When the siren goes off warning of an incoming rocket, the people have 15 seconds to get to cover, hopefully a bomb shelter.  The siren doesn't always go off.  So far, 6 rockets have come and the siren didn't work.

 The rocket explosions  leave  people in shock.  One missile scored a direct hit on a home last week.  a mother and her child just got to a bomb shelter before the rocket exploded.  Dozens of children just got on their bus at a bus stop when a missile hit the area where they were waiting.

Tazpit News Agency's Anat Silverman reported that people are always thinking of where you could take cover at the sound of the next siren.  It's very stressful, and causes a feeling of pressure on your mind and body.  Not all people have bomb shelters.  Parents are lying on top of their children when the siren goes off if they have none.

While news reports that these missiles explode "harmlessly" in open areas, they neglect that the effect causes people to be hospitalized for shock and trauma, and that minor injuries are not even reported.  For instance, Tazpit reported that a kibbutz farmer, Max Yadgar of Kibbutz Nir Oz was plowing his fields a few hundred feet from the security fence (Israel's area is very tiny) when terrorists shot at him, breaking the glass around the cab of the tractor which cut his face.  He had to hide behind of the big wheel of the tractor for protection and wait for the IDF troops to come.  Max felt he needed to take  a few days off to recover from the shock.

During this time, Russia's President Vladimir Putin is visiting Israel.    He is scheduled to attend the unveiling of a Red Army World War II Victory Monument in Netanya Monday.  More than half a million Jewish soldiers fought with the Red Army in WWII against the Nazis.Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu proposed the idea of the monument to President Putin two years ago during his visit to Moscow. Putin complied and promised to come to Israel for the inauguration ceremony.Putin in 2005 was the first Russian president to visit Israel, and this time around he will make a high-profile trip to Bethlehem and to Jordan.

Noam Bedein, son of my old friend David Bedein,  is the director of Sderot Media Center and told of Sderot being under rocket fire weekly for decades.  He said that the weapons and rockets come from Iran and Libya and are smuggled into Gaza.  As long as this smuggling goes on, he figures that southern Israel will be under fire from all the rockets, mortars and missiles.  Sderot is less than a mile from the border and are first under attack, usually.  

Resource: Sounds of War Everywhere in Western Negev by Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu and Putin to Attend Unveiling of Red Army Monument in Israel

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