Sunday, June 24, 2012

Oregonian Newspaper Finally Recognizes Attack on Israel

Nadene Goldfoot
After finding reports of 150 rockets that have hit southern Israel this week alone of which 30 rockets and mortar shells had hit on Saturday, the Oregonian Sunday newspaper finally came out with a tiny article, "Militants, Israelis exchange attacks" this morning on the bottom right hand corner of page A10.

Only in this crazy world is there a group of people (Palestinian terrorists) who consistently bomb their neighbor(Israel) putting over one million people in jeopardy and seeking bomb shelters with wildly shot rockets, mortars, and missiles and then complain and threaten when they are shot back at after much waiting and hoping that they would stop and don't.  In this crazy world, they, the bullies, are thought of as the underdog while the one they are picking on is seen as the power-house.

The Egyptian official in Ramallah has been trying to broker a cease fire between the terrorists and Israel but the terrorists say that they will stop if Israel will stop.  This is a round robin affair; terrorists cannot seem to stop more than a few days then start in again, and finally Israel cannot abide it anymore and retaliates and then are in trouble for doing so by the UN, the terrorists, whoever is against them.

Our Americana newspaper reports that Hamas has stayed out of confrontation for about the past 3 years and say that other factions have launched cross-border attacks.  From my sources, these other factions are just the militant arms of Hamas.  Hamas is in control and is the instigator no matter what.  Israel puts the onus on Hamas.

The newspaper then went on to say that the militant Hamas rulers threatened to escalate fighting Saturday after Israeli air strikes killed several gunmen.  What do they expect Israel to do?  Be sitting pigeons forever? A rocket from Gaza wounded one person and damaged an elementary school in southern Israel.  Luckily, no one was killed, but you can figure that many are suffering from PTSD, which happens after every incursion of rockets.

The paper wrote that "the two sides periodically clash, "  as if this is a game of Red Rover, Red Rover, send Bobby right over.  It's pretty much one-sided with Israel taking an awful lot of bombing until they get one lick in by air.  At that they aim for the cause of the bombing and try to take out the rocket launchers.

They did mention that this was the most serious in months and was started by a "little known al-Qaida-inspired Palestinian militant group (note that they have dropped the word terrorist-they're militants now-even though having rockets fall in and around your home is terrorizing)  but has extended to drag in Hamas.

Drag in Hamas!  You can bet your buttons that they tell their "militant arm" to get going and keep the pressure up.  So this is how newspapers soften the true facts of what's really going on.  I do wonder if the reporter for AP ever went into southern Israel to get first hand accounts this week.  Ashkelon would be a nice city to report from.

Reference:  Oregonian Newspaper page  A10, 6/24, 2012  Associated Press, reported from Jerusalem


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