Sunday, August 28, 2011

Palestinian in Stolen Taxi Injures Tel Avivians 
Nadene Goldfoot

Just before 2:00 am Monday morning a Palestinian in his 20's from Nablus stole a taxi after stabbing the driver in his hand and rammed into a Border police checkpoint near a Tel Aviv nightclub, hitting  4 policemen.  Then he pulled out his knife and stabbed 3 civilians who were walking by before he was arrested, injured and taken to the hospital.

He shouted the usual battlecry,  "Allahu akbar "G-d is Great!" as he started stabbing the people. 

The Haoman 17 nightclub was housing over 1,000 teenagers from high schools who were having an end of summer party. 
A similar attack happened in May when one Israeli was killed.  This sort of thing used to happen more in the past. 

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