Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Popular Resistance's Five Minute Cease Fire
Nadene Goldfoot

The Popular Resistance Committee, funded and supported by Hamas, said through Abu Ataya that they never said they'd cease firing.  It was only a temporary halt.  They fired two mortars into Southern Israel Wednesday  from two different locations and also said that they will continue to do so.

Israel has filed a formal complaint to the U.N.  They of course retaliated and killed one of the terrorists.  Either Hamas cannot control their PRC branch or they really don't intend to. 

Three Egyptians were part of the recent attack in the Eilat area and was reported in the Egyptian newspaper of Al Masry Al Yaoum.  They were members of the extremist Islamic group.  One had escaped from prison during the revolution against Mubarak and never caught.  They were members of a group of 12 terrorists who were divided into 4 groups working over a long 12 kilometer area.  Some wore brown uniforms that were similar to the Egyptian army uniforms.  At least our California Crips and Bloods wear different colors.  Here it's getting hard to tell who is who.
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