Tuesday, August 23, 2011

EARTHQUAKES STRIKE Israel and Virginia
Nadene Goldfoot
Sunday morning at 11:55am a 4.3 earthquake was felt in Haifa.  It had stuck Israel's Central coast without injuring anyone.  It was 10 miles deep and 44 miles NW of Tel Aviv and 49 miles WSW of Haifa.   Gaza even felt this one. 

The last major earthquake Israel had had struck in 1837 in Safed (Tzfat) killing 4,000 people there. 

I had visited friends in Safed who were living in one of the homes that were dug out of the earthquake.  While there from 1980-1985 I felt an earthquake when attending a class on the 12th floor of our apartment building.  The building swayed back and forth.  Our apartment was on the very bottom floor, and my husband had never felt it at all. 

Today Washington DC was hit with a 5.9 earthquake that even Obama felt in Martha's Vineyard.  The Pentagon was evacuated.  This was one that was felt on the Eastern Seaboard.  

Golden, Colorado also experienced an earthquake.  The two in the states were not connected except by time. 

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