Thursday, August 25, 2011

Israel's Embassy and Ambassador to Egypt Threatened
Nadene Goldfoot

The Muslim Brotherhood is instigating the ousting of Israel's ambassador in Egypt.  His life has been threatened.  They're screaming for expelling him.  They have thrown firecreackers towards the Israeli flag in trying to burn it and finally did get it taken down.  Ahmad al Shahat had climbed up the 22 story building to do so.  He was promptly rewarded by a provincial governor with a new home and a new job for doing so. 

Yitzhak Levanon has been told to leave or be killed.  He's the 10th ambassador since 1980 when Egypt signed a peace pact with Israel.  He's been there since November 2009.  The Egyptian military has closed the road to his home where he was also threatened with death and his flag was also destroyed there.  The closed road is for his protection but I would think that this also makes him a prisoner in his home as well. 

A facebook movement called the Million  Man is a protest to oust him.  Here facebook was created by a Jewish kid and is now being used to get rid of a Jewish ambassador.  What would the Egyptian mob do without us? 

8/30/11 update:  The flag is flying again at the embassy after over a week of being down. 
9/9/11 update:  Police had to use tear gas and shoot blanks into the air in an effort to disperse thousands of protesters at the Israeli Embassy in Cairo.  The attackers were using hammers on the building to gain entrance and managed to throw embassy documents and the Israeli flag out the windows.  About 200 demonstrators were wounded.  There were at least 450 active protesters.  The Israeli envoy is flying out .  No Israelis were hurt.
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