Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Iran's Missile Threat To America
Nadene Goldfoot
Today it's not just Israel that could be hit in a missile attack from Iran.  The U.S. troops and other U.S. allies are also at risk.  Iran has ballistic missiles that are capable of carrying nuclear or chemical warheads 1,500 miles.  Tehran is developing missiles that could reach the USA.  Countries that underestimate a dangerous country are at risk.

Iran is in competition with Saudi Arabia and Turkey in gaining power in the Muslim world.  Turkey is a neighbor of Iran and Syria.  Years ago in the 80's Iran was fighting against Iraq, another neighbor, but that has been attacked and almost disarmed by the USA due to 9/11. 

Lebanon is a small country that is a neighbor both of Israel, Syria and Turkey, but under domination of Syria.  The Hizballah terrorists come out of Lebanon and have more than 55,000 rockets along Israel's border that can reach almost all of Israel's major population centers.  They have Katyusha rockets with a range of 12 miles and longer range ones that reach out 24 miles.  the Fajr-3 has a range of 28 miles and the Fajr-5/Syrian reaches 45 miles.  Considering places of Israel are 9 miles wide, this is a lot.  One rocket recently overshot and went into Jordan and killed an Arab there, injuring another.  They have rockets with the capacity to go 130 miles and 155 miles. 

Since 2005 there have been 7,000 rocket attacks against Israel.  Palestinian terrorists took control of Gaza in 2007.   Hamas has been in control and the Strip is used to launch thousands of attacks against Israel.  Northern Gaza is used to fire rockets at Israeli towns and cities.  Sderot has been attacked constantlly and now Ashkelon is in danger.  Massive amounts of weapons are smuggled in by sea routes and tunnels.  They also use these tunnels to infiltrate into Israel and carry out attacks.  They are the goal of Israeli air attacks after Israel has been hit. 

The Arab nations outnumber Israel more than 650 to 1 in land and 56 to 1 in population.  Israel has been threatened many times by Iran.  Egypt, Libya, Syria, Yemen and Jordan are in revolution where the Muslim Brotherhood is the most organized and dangerous group that is ready to take over. Iran's revolution failed.    Their citizens are rising up against their dictator leaders who have created enemies with lies to keep their people repressed.  Chances are slim for them to become democracies but face the possibility that they  will be dominated by Sharia law which includes hatred and destruction of Israel and the United States.  Egypt and Israel signed a peace treaty in 1979.  Now that peace is shaky with a new group taking over who may not honor this.  32 years of peace has been good for Egypt as well as for Israel. 

Palestinians must not seek and receive statehood now without negotiating with Israel. New sanctions have to be passed on Iran.  Security assistance has to be maintained with Israel in order to help with their Iron Dome missile defense system.  This is not the time to give up and appear weak. 

Egypt has 220 F-16s.  Saudi Arabia has hundreds of the most sophisticated combat aircraft.  They plan on spending $60 billion on more aircraft.  Turkey has the 3rd largest air force in NATO with the US and UK leading.  They plan on buying 100 of the most advanced American fighter jets, the F-35.  Israel can only afford 25.  What is sad to me is that the USA will most likely sell these weapons to them for the sake of the economy.  This is why Israel needs support.  Somebody is in the business of producing these weapons and Israel must remain strong. 

Reference: AIPAC
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