Monday, August 15, 2011

Palestine Authority Treasury Gets Half -Filled by USA
Nadene Goldfoot
Abbas and his Fatah people live in Judea and Samaria.  There have been terrorists from this group who are now residing in Israeli jails.    Unlike American jailbirds, these men receive a monthly wage from the Palestine Authority.  Of course, the more violent the crime the longer the sentence.  The longer the sentence, the more the salary.  This must be some kind of reward system of the Arabs to act out against Israel.  Hamas terrorists are included now in receiving salaries.

50% of the money in the Palestinian treasury comes from the USA and the rest is mostly from European Union member nations. As if that's not enough of a source, money is also flowing in from France, Britain, Ireland, Norway, Japan, India and the World Bank as well as from private donations into their general budget.  This was from the 2010-2011 budget.   The PA's budget is so vast that this money accounts for only 3.5% of its total budget.  If the sentence is up to 5 years, they receive 1,400 -2,000 NIS or tops $564.59.  If they serve 10-15 years they receive 6,000 shekels or $1,693.78.  The ones serving l5 years and longer receive 10,000 shekels or $2,822.97.  Those serving 20-30 years get 12,000 or $3,387.56.  These are people who were intentional murderers of civilians and they are rewarded.  These payments from the countries of the world to the PA remind me of paying the bully off so my lunch money wouldn't be wrestled from me.  It also happened in Chicago in the 20's when businesses had to pay off the criminals so that their stores would be left alone.  Their payments to the PA may not be so almighty altruistic:  or are they?

Some victims were American citizens.  Taxpayers in the USA are paying the salaries of murderers of Americans.  One of the latest victims was Ben Yosef Livnat who was gunned down in Shechem.  Shechem is so important to the Jewish history as it is the city where Abraham was told by G-d that he would be given the land.   Jacob settled here with his family.  It's in central Israel. It's on the route of the Patriarchs going from there to Jerusalem, Bethlehem and Hebron.    I think this is one expense that should be eliminated immediately from our USA budget. 

The Israeli jails are nothing like Turkish prisons. (True story of California lady tourist in Turkey put in Women's prison for buying a little figurine from a pestering seller on the street; Official later declared it was for buying valuable artifact)  Vacation is a more adequate descripition of being in jail for them.  They can mingle, have parties, study for advanced degrees, use facebook or even their 3G mobile smart phones.  They don't have to watch Israeli TV, but have their own Arab TV channels to watch.  Why is Israel being so kind to murderers?  Probably because the world is ready to pounce on any wrongdoing on their part, for they certainly don't care how many terrorists kill Jews. 

Since 1967 600,000 Arabs have been in Israel's prisons.  Right now there are 8,000 political prisoners.  There are 11 Arab Syrians from the Golan Heights, 25 Jordanians, and 120 Palestinians with Israeli citizenship. 
The wives and children of the terrorists receive more money.  If an Arab terrorist is an Israeli citizen, they receive a bonus. 

Resource:  Arutz Sheva US Helps Pay PA Terrorists Who Murdered Americans by Gil Ronen

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