Thursday, August 18, 2011

Eilat Area Receives Multiple Attacks Thursday
Nadene Goldfoot
6 / now 7 now 8 Israelis were killed and 25/updated to 33 injured around 20 kilometers north of Eilat around noon on Thursday.  The area was hit in three different incidences. Eilat is Israel's southernmost  city of 46,600 people.  It's a popular resort for international tourism being it's on the northern tip of the Red Sea on the Gulf of Eilat.  It sportss lovely beaches, great nightlife and desert landscapes.  Scandinavians love to go there for a sun tan and swimming.  It's also a major port for Israel. 

1. An Israeli Egged Bus was driving along the Israel/Egyptian border in Southern Israel when a car passed loaded with terrorists who opened fire.  This happened on Highway 12.  Nine people were wounded. 

2. A car driven by an Israeli with passengers was hit by an anti-tank missile in the second incident.

3. An IDF patrol vehicle was hit by either a grenade or some other kind of explosive device. 

The IDF gave chase after the terrorists and fire was exchanged between the two.  Now the public has been advised to stay away from Highways 10 and 12 which are now closed.  Kerem Shalom and Erez Crossing are also closed between Gaza and Israel.  This is so the Security and Rescue forces can get their work done. 

Eilat's neighbors are the Egyptian village of Taba and the Jordanian city of Aquaba.  One can even see Saudi Arabia across the Gulf.  The terrorists no doubt came from Gaza and belonged to Hamas. 

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