Wednesday, August 24, 2011

More Mortars Bursting
Nadene Goldfoot
Tit for tat, and so the war goes on.  This time the Military Branch of the Islamic Jihad took responsibility for a barrage of 5 rockets that were fired into southern Israel around Ofakim Wednesday evening from Gaza.  When it's early morning here it's evening there.  One landed south of Ashkelon and three in Be'er Sheva.  Also, rockets landed in the Eshkol Regional Council. 

A rocket hit a car in the Hof Ashkelon Regional Council and injured a little toddler's hand in it.  Rocket fire continued late Wednesday night.  Two rockets landed in Sderot, which is very close to the Gaza border. 

In retaliation, Israel hit  storage buildings for weapons in both north and south Gaza. and they also hit tunnels used for sneaking in weapons. 

Why the barrage this time?  The Jihad group was angry because Israel got one of the terrorists named Ismael al-Asmar, 34 years old.  This is turning into a Hatfield-McCoy situation.  X shoots at Y and Yshoots back and X shoots again because Yshot back.  The difference is that Israel can pinpoint their target and the terrorists terrorize by shooting rockets and missiles into a populated civilian area.  If they didn't have bomb shelters to run to in a matter of seconds more would be dead and injured.  As it is the hospital will be full of terrorized people.  The terrorists know they can expect retaliation after they have attacked Israel.  Israel is never sure when missiles will rain down and must stay close to bomb shelters. 

All Israelis in the southern area were told to stay indoors.  A community had to cancel a music festival.  Then two more mortar shells were fired into the Israeli territory.    The Iron Dome did stop a Grad rocket.

The terrorists reported that two of their men were dead and 20 were injured.  They have an awful lot of Muslims compared to the Jewish population, and they don't seem to mind dying when they can go out as a marytr which earns them 72 virgins.  Jews have no such reward.  They just want to live. 

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