Monday, August 22, 2011

15 Rockets Fired After Cease Fire
Nadene Goldfoot
The Popular Resistance Committee of Gazan terrorists were resisting the cease fire order from Hamas on Monday because several of their senior members were killed in the last retaliating volley from Israel.  They know the outcome of their attacks:  when they fire into Israel, Israel will retaliate from the air.  This airstrike got the rocket launching devise.  Israel does not aim for people, but sites where the firing comes from in trying to stop it.  They have hit tunnels and such as well.

Israel's new Iron Dome protection capability was able to stop 4 out of 5 rockets fired, but that last one that got into Israel hit a young Israeli man, Yossi Shushan,  and killed him.  Another rocket was heading for Ashkelon but the Iron Dome stopped it. 4 of the 15 rockets landed in the Sderot vicinity and in the outskirts of Ashkelon.   A building was hit in this new volley.  The terrorists have resorted to firing a volley of many rockets like 7 in order to get some through the Iron Dome.  This is stopping quite a few of them.  Israel plans on procuring a few more Iron Domes by next year.  They have the capability to stop rockets fired into heavier populations so as not to waste them. 

Egypt did not recall their ambassador to Israel as they had threatened when several of their soldiers were killed in the shootout between the IDF and the terrorists in the first volley.  It took a lot of counseling to calm things down. 
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