Friday, August 19, 2011

17 Grad Missiles Fired at Be'er Sheva and Ashdod
                   (count now 8 dead  41 injured)

Israel is experiencing multiple attacks using Grad missiles and Kassam rockets in many places at the same time. 
Israel has Iron Dome missile Interceptor which stopped several missiles fired into Be'er Sheva and Ashdod but didn't stop one of them.  This one came in a 2nd round of firings and hit a synagogue in Ashdod at 8:15am.  Another missile landed next to a yeshiva.  6 men were wounded from shrapnel, one in serious condition. 

Minutes later a Kassam rocket was launched in the area of Ashkelon where the largest hospital is.  During the night terrorists fired several Kassam rockets from Gaza which landed in the Sdot Negev area.

Our IAF jets targeted 7 terrorist compounds in retaliation such as a weapon manufacturing site and two terror activity centers, two smuggling tunnels and such. 

Now we know that 8 Israelis died in the Eilat attack.  This is the worst attack Israel has suffered from for a long time.  The IDF managed to take the life of the top terrorist, Abu Awad Kamel a-Neirab, commander of a Brigade that was the military wing of the Popular Resistance Committees, an offshoot of Hamas. 

Resource:  Autz Sheva Synagogue Hit as Grad Missiles Fired at Be'er Sheva and Ashdod by Elad Benari

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