Wednesday, April 03, 2013

3 Rockets Falling into Sderot Again: Truce Broken

Nadene Goldfoot
A mortar was shot into southern Israel's  Sderot Tuesday .
Qassam rockets were then shot into the same area Wednesday morning as children were going to school, making 2 attacks in 24 hours.

These attacks were the first since rockets were fired during President Obama's visit to Israel 2 weeks ago.

Air strikes from Israel followed these attacks up.  The Israeli air raids came after the 3rd rocket attack on Israel.  These were the first airstrikes since an informal cease-fire in November.  An Israeli military statement said its planes targeted accurately  2 extensive terror sites.

Defense Minister Ya'alon warned that Israel will take a tough response toward any shelling.

Palestinians  reported that no one was hurt and no damage was reported in Northern Gaza.

A mortar  from Syria was shot into Ramat Hagolan in the North.   The IDF destroyed the source of fire.  Israel will not ignore any rockets coming from Syria, either, whether accidental or not.

During November 2012, 1,500 rockets were fired at Israel in 8 days from Gaza.   Israel's military holds Gaza's Hamas rulers responsible for any attack against Israel.  Though Sderot takes most of the hits and depending on the ammunition used, Netanyahu said that shelling southern Israel puts 1 million Israeli citizens in harm's way.  That's 1/8th of the population.

I note that the elections of the Palestinians were just over, and Hamas terrorists put in the same people again who are all for attacking Israel.

Though on Tuesday the UN overwhelmingly ok'd a worldwide arms trade pact, Iran, North Korea and Syria, all facing arms embargoes, cast the only no votes.  They complained that it favors the big arms suppliers like the USA over importers that need weapons for self defense.The Palestinian terrorists get many of their rockets from Syria who gets them from Iran.  Moon explained that the Arms Trade Treaty will make it more difficult for deadly weapons to be diverted into the illicit market.  It will take 90 days to be in effect.  50 states need to ratify it.  The USA's National Rifle Association has opposed it.  It needs 2/3 approval to win ratification.   So were the hits on Tuesday  and today in response to "getting their licks in before they can't get their weapons for self -defense"?   It certainly is coincidental.

Hopefully this will mean that eventually it will become harder and harder for these terrorists to receive their weapons to use against the Israeli population.  The cease fire lasted from November 21st to  about March 20th when Obama visited.

Resource:  Oregonian newspaper 4/3/13 page A4, Israel responds to rocket fire with airstrikes and page A5 UN overwhelmingly OK's worldwide arms trade pact.

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