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More On The 3 Days of Gaza Rockets Into Israel This Week

Nadene Goldfoot
Israel had warned that anymore firing of rockets, etc into Israel would mean a retaliation of Israeli planes into Gaza to stop the source of such firing. This latest attack from Gaza  has  lasted for the past  4 days.  11 rockets and mortars have been fired into Israel.   Hamas terrorists who were doing the shooting say they  were showing solidarity with Maysara Abu Hamdiyeh.  He is the 63 year old prisoner that had a life sentence.  He just died Tuesday of throat cancer in a hospital in Beersheva, Israel at Soroka Hospital after serving 10 years of his sentence.  A late cancer diagnosis found him to be terminal.

Abu was a very dangerous prisoner. He was the organizer of the terror attack at Cafe Cafit in Jerusalem 2002.  He had talked a suicide bomber into doing the action.  This terrorist was considered a general in the Palestinian Security Force.  He was in charge of a counterespionage unit.  He trained Fatah's armed wing, al-Aksa Martyrs Brigade in the 2nd Intifada.  Abu had also delivered weapons and explosives to Hamas cells.

Not so strange is that both Fatah and Hamas claim him, so that shows how connected the two groups really are.  Rioting went on in Hebron against Israel for not taking care of him with the proper treatment.   Israel says that care was provided.   (My 1st cousin died of throat cancer in 1999, and died at home in Oregon.  There were no more treatments that could be done for her. It had spread to the brain.  On the other hand, my son had throat cancer and recovered.  Of all the cancers, this is supposed to have the best % of beating it.  So much depends on the awareness of the patient that there is an unusual problem.)        

Ambassador Proser has gone before the UN to condemn these recent attacks on Israel which break the several months of peace.

Thousands of Palestinians in Judea-Samaria  went out into the streets to demonstrate and joined funeral processions and demonstrations after 2 protesters were killed by Israeli troops. They were killed after throwing fire bombs towards the Israeli troops at a guard post.  These demonstrations were the largest in months and became violent.

US Secretary of State John Kerry is coming to restart peace talks. More retaliation has been threatened by the Hamas-Fatah groups, the al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades in Hebron .  Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas said "the deaths jeopardised "US and international efforts to restart negotiations". He will get out of sitting down and coming to terms this way.  "He also criticised Israel for continuing to use force to suppress what he described at peaceful protests."  I have never heard of a demonstration of thousands of angry people worked up to remain or even start off as "peaceful."  This can be compared to the Watts Riots in California. That lasted for 6 days in Los Angeles, California from August 11 to 17, 1965.  They had 34 deaths out of it with 1,032 injured.  An even larger one happened again in 1992.  

A word about throat cancer.  "Throat cancer symptoms may also come and go. Persistent doesn't always mean constant. For example, you may have a sore throat for a week, then it goes away for a few days, and then returns. Whether your symptoms are constant or erratic, making an appointment to see your doctor is essential to rule out diseases, such as cancer."  Hamdiyeh obviously didn't see his doctor before he was captured or didn't bring it to prison officials soon enough.  Symptoms are the following:

  •  persistent cough
  • difficulty swallowing
  • persistent hoarseness of the voice or having to clear the throat frequently
  • sore throat
  • lump in the throat
  • change in the sound of your voice
  • abnormal breathing sounds
  Throat cancer is a type of cancer that develops in the pharynx, larynx, and other structures of the throat. The symptoms of throat cancer vary based on tumor location. Tumors that develop in the pharynx are referred to as pharyngeal cancer and tumors in the larynx are referenced as laryngeal cancer. The term "throat cancer" encompasses several different types of cancer that can affect the throat.

Cancer treatment can involve one or several different treatments. Surgery, radiation therapy, and chemotherapy are standard methods of treatment in many types of cancer.  

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