Sunday, April 07, 2013

Eight Years Peace Broken in Judea-Samaria

Nadene Goldfoot
On April 4th, in Israel a Wednesday, just after midnight a 17 year old and an 18 year old attacked an IDF post in Einav just inside the Judea-Samaria lines east of Netanya with Molotov cocktails, gunfire and fire bombs.  The IDF on duty fired back, killing the 2 in the firefight.  Another person was shot.  This was the first attack in 8 years.  "The two men are Amar Nasar, 17, and Najo Bilbisi, 18, from the village of Anbata.   Bilbisi's body was found Thursday morning.   Palestinian sources reported that a wounded man was admitted to a hospital in Tulkarem with injuries to his hand.

What was Abbas's reaction with Kerry coming in May to talk peace?  Why, he is holding Israel to be criminally responsible for these 2 deaths.

According to the rules of engagement, a shoot-to-kill order can only be issued if the attackers were identified beyond a doubt.
The IDF will check out how the Palestinians managed to get so close to the post and whether the soldiers could have controlled the incident without opening fire.   The attack must have been instigated by the death of prisoner Abu Hamdiyeh, 64, who died of throat cancer.  Rioting resulted all around  Judea-Samaria.

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