Thursday, April 25, 2013

French Courts Find That Israeli Occupation Is Not Illegal

Nadene Goldfoot
France is full of Muslim immigrants today.  It also holds the largest population of Jews other than Israel and the USA.  The court of Appeal of Versailles concluded that Israeli occupation is not illegal.  This judgement comes out of a country that is not a neutral one, so this judgment of the Court is very important.

The PLO charges that Israeli illegally occupies Palestinian territory and that their settlements are illegal.  Israel is building a tram and the Arabs think that this is illegal.  The companies of Veolia and Alstom built the Jerusalem tramway through the city to the east into the territories of Judea and Samaria claimed by the PLO and the Palestinian Authority to be the "Palestine" belonging and settled only by them without any Jews; Judenrein.  Since 1967, the Palestinian Arabs have refused to recognize or make peace with Israel.  Without this, there will continue to be no Palestine.

Some of the facts that the court concluded was that PLO  propaganda does not replace the law.  They also concluded that an irritated anything can't be based solely on the discretion of a political or social situation as the PLO is trying to use as reason.  Israel has not violated any humanitarian law, either.

The Court of Appeal sentenced the Association of France-Palestine Solidarity (AFPS) and the PLO to pay 30,000 euros to Alstom, 30,000 euros from Alstom Transport, and 30,000  to Veolia Transport.  These are firms involved in building the Jerusalem tram line.  Court costs added up to 90,000 euros.


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