Friday, December 26, 2008

Iran's Missile Deal With Russia
Israel's Biggest Headache
It isn't enough that Hamas terrorists in Gaza are supplied with rockets and mortars from Iran and have been constantly bombing Southern Israel. Now Iran has made a deal with their friends, the Russians, to receive a shipment of anti-aircraft weapons. The Iranians and Russians have been playing games with the states by inferring that they are buying these weapons, then stating that they aren't, and finally just hinting at it. The latest from Moscow is that the systems are ready to be shipped to Iran.
Last week Russia said they would donate 10 MiG-29 fighter jets to Lebanon. This goes against the USA who doesn't want them to give the Middle East nation any weapons that could threaten Israel.
Israel sees Iran as one of its major threats, since they have said they will wipe Israel off the map and calling them the most insulting of names and seem to have or soon will have atomic weapons. Israel has asked Russia not to sell these S-300 mobile long-range defensive weapons to Iran. They have the capability to shoot down aircraft at high altitudes.
Israel sent officials to Moscow last week to ask that they not sell the S-300 system to Iran, not because if would stop them from bombing their nuclear site, but because it would give Khamenei more confidence to have clout over President Barack Obama. Khamenei will feel that Obama and Israel will be able to do nothing against Iran economically and now militarily because of these missiles and there will be no talks that Obama has been talking about wanting to pursue.
I think that Obama would have to do more than talk. He's not going to impress the Iranians with any "do the proper thing" talk, but would have to offer them a prize for good behavior. Now that possible talk may not come off at all if Iran gets the missiles from Russia.
Israel is surrounded by enemies. Lebanon is again a bigger threat. It already is being pounded by Gaza, and the West Bank is stirring by Assad's wanting to take Jerusalem and kick out the few Jews in Hebron, the biggest city there. Iran is holding the stick of atomic attacks against Israel, and Jordan is becoming so religious that the young men are going back to Sharia Law which contains a hatred of Jews, where they will gladly kill any Israeli. The picture is not good for 2009.
Oregonian: Russian missile deal with Iran hard to verify, December 23, 2008, page A9.
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