Sunday, December 28, 2008

What's It Been Like to Live in Sderot?
Sderot has been hit with rockets and missiles for the past eight (8) years. Eight miles away lies Sapir College where 8,000 students attend. They have 15 seconds; seconds, not minutes, warning to run for a bomb shelter. That's because of the close proximity to the border. Lately they have been shelled by 80 rockets in one day! You can't do anything but run like crazy in 15 seconds. The people in the area are suffering from PTSD. The government has been afraid to react, but finally did Saturday.
The so-called cease-fire was not doing a thing to stop the shelling on Southern Israel. It continued and then sped up once the period came to an end. All this time Southern Israel has been living under the conditions of never knowing when a rocket or mortar was falling, and it would happen.
The reaction of the Arab world is predictable. They are up in arms about Israel's attack at the strongholds of the Hamas terrorists. Yes, about 230 people were killed in the attack, a few of which are civilians. That's because they put their weapons in the middle of a population so that people would condemn Israel's attacks when they came. The bullies believe it's okay to attack Israel but get mad when they act to protect their people.
A government is duty-bound to protect its citizens. Peace means living without fear and bombing.
Below is the website for Road 90 where there are videos of what it's been like to live in Southern Israel. After registring (free) you will be able to see for yourself.
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