Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Gazans Not Starving
by Nadene Goldfoot
Gazans have reported that they need the gates to be opened for necessary food supplies because they are starving. That seems to be untrue. According to reports from Israel's Yael, it is a lie. The video listed below from Joel shows that the shuks are full of food as of December 3rd.
Israel has no desire to cause that kind of harm to the general population in Gaza. It's the terrorists who are causing the gates to be closed. I would think that the population would try to bring pressure on Hamas to stop their incessant firing of rockets into Israel to make like for themselves more palatable, but they don't seem to be doing that.
Everyone forgets that Israelis have gone through havoc of dealing with daily bombings. Our whole history has been one of a living hell. We don't wish starvation on anyone, but would like to live without fear of being killed.
When I was living in Israel from 1980 to the end of 1985 I saw that native Israelis were indeed like the Sabra fruit that they are named for. They have an appearance of being hard on the outside, but are very soft on the inside. They care about people very much but may seem gruff at first. Our whole religion is based on treating people fairly and doing good deeds. We don't worry about what happens after we die but are bound to do the right things here on earth. If anyone would bother to study our religion they would find out what is in our hearts and how it determines our actions.
Being shelled with rockets is a very serious matter. Not having the tomatoes in that you want is not such a big matter compared to losing a life. Just the psychological damage done to people in Sderot and Ashkelon is horrific. I saw what happened to people in Kiriat Shimona in Northern Israel when Lebanon was firing on us. They lived in bomb shelters constantly. No normal life can be lived in Southern Israel, and now it's even worse that it has been in the last six months.
The government has not acted to protect its citizens but will have to very soon and are now telling the world just this. Even Obama stated that he would not want his family to live like the people in Sderot. It's too much to endure.

Resource: http://www.road90.com/watch.php?id=dx7iNRR9Dw


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