Monday, December 01, 2008

Gaza Dilemma Worsens
On June 19, 2008, Israel had a truce with the Hamas terrorists, and rocket shelling into Israel was stopped for a while. On November 4th it started in again. The punishment was that Israel blockaded the entrance into Gaza so that supplies could not go in. The terrorists had broken the truce and this was the result. If they want to create death, fear, and panic upon Southern Israel, at least their supplies will not reach their destination.
The latest lob of rockets was at a nearby Israeli army base, and it seriously injured one soldier and wounded 6 other soldiers. Not only do they continue this shelling, but then they demonstrated in Nazareth on Saturday against the blockade. Actually, Israel has allowed trucks with supplies in three times since November 4th when the shelling apparently let up, but then once they receive their aid, they start in again.
The Palestinians know that this blockade is taking place because of the shelling from the terrorists. They could bring about a truce and receive their supplies if only they'd stop making war on Israel. This latest bout might bring about more of a punishment than holding back trucks. Israelis are fed up being shelled. It's pretty hard to have a normal day under such conditions when you have to spend all your time in bomb shelters. People have about a minute warning before a bomb blasts into their neighborhood. You never know if it will hit your house or not.
By hitting an army base this time, it is as if they are daring the IDF to come and fight them. They know that this will cause bad press for Israel. Then they'll cry, "Look, they're fighting us." They count on readers and TV viewers to know very little about the situation, and side with them, the so-viewed oppressed.
The question is, how long can the population put up with this constant attack which is causing so many such stress and closeness to death without reacting with stronger measures, hoping to stop this constant assault?

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