Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Europe, U.N. and USA Press Israel for Truce
Beersheva Hit
Israel knows that the Hamas terrorists have the capability to hit further and further. Now Beersheva, 28 miles from Gaza, was hit. People do not realize how close every city is in Israel, nor do they realize how small Israel is.
Europe, the U.N. and the USA are pressing Israel for a truce. One reason is to allow supplies into the Gaza Strip that they think they must have. They don't realize that Israel has been allowing trucks in all the time with supplies. What Israel is trying to prevent are the weapons that have been arriving into Gaza, much of them from Iran.
It amazes me that these Hamas terrorists scream that they are a little edgy that they haven't been seeing the immense amount of goods and services that they usually do, while Israel's population is suffering from being shelled for seven years, already suffering from PTSD, and Europe, the UN and USA think that is far more terrible than Israel's suffering. Southern Israel's population have had to spend their lives in shelters or risk being hit by a rocket or misssle for seven years. Yet I haven't seen any defense of Israel in the newspapers. Only condemnation against Israel is heard when it defies the world and strikes back.
This is the 4th day that Israel has been hitting Hamas strongholds. Hamas has spoken. They have stipulations and again want their way completely. They want no blockade of the Gaza Strip. Then they will do us the honor of thinking about a truce.
So far, 368 have died in Gaza of which 64 were civilians. The rest were Hamas terrorists. Today Israel is allowing 100 trucks into Gaza with supplies.
A ground invasion is the next possibility for Israel to take. They have declared that this is a war. Hopefully, it is a war to end wars. I feel that the only thing that the Arabs respect is power. Israel has to be strong because it is so small. The Arab leaders keep wanting to trample and strangle Israel, so we must be like hornets and sting when attacked in order to get them to leave us alone.
Perhaps the day will come when Europe, the UN and the USA will defend Israel, a legitimate democratic state, instead of terrorism. That will be a surprise to see on the front page of any paper. Then I'll know that there's hope for all mankind.

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