Monday, December 29, 2008

Operation Cast Lead
Stopping Hamas
So far Israel's retaliation on Iran backed Hamas has killed 324 terrorists and 51 civilians who were close to the sites where rockets and missiles fire upon Israel.
Though the IDF hit so many missile sites, the terrorists managed to strike with about 150 rockets and mortars since Israel began on December 27. Ashdod, Israel was hit for the first time where a woman was killed at a bus stop by shrapnel wounds. Ashdod is home to 200,000 Israelis and Israel's largest port. It is 43 miles from Jerusalem.
40 missiles struck just today in Southern Israel. Since the "cease-fire" ended on December 19th, more than 200 missiles have hit Israel. In this year alone, over 3,000 rockets, missiles and mortars have hit southern Israel. These terrorists have also attacked the border crossings from Gaza into Israel 17 times.
Dore Gold, former ambassador to the U.N.,said, "We want to restore the quiet and the tranquility and give the residents of the south the ability to live the normal lives that every country provides its citizens." Southern Israel has not had quiet and tranquility for years. Sderot has constantly been under attack.
Though a war is actually raging on, 63 trucks full of goods went from Israel to Gaza on December 27th and 120 trucks were rolling today through the Kerem Shalom and Kami crossings. On Sunday Israel brought 160 tons of food and medicine into Gaza. The IDF coordinated with with UN, UNSCO, UNRWA, Red Cross and WHO. By Friday December 26, Israel sent more than 90 trucks full of vital goods to Gaza civilians. During the 6 month truce, Israel delivered 17,000 trucks full of goods to Gaza.
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