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Judea-Samaria's History Held in Jeopardy Today

Nadene Goldfoot     
                                                        1205-1050 BCE
                                               from the Book of Joshua                     
Judah had a population of 76,500
     Dan had 64,400
                             Issachar had 64,309 (Mt Tabor to Jordan)
                         Zebulun had 60,500 (Valley of Jezreel)

   Asher had 53,400

Manasseh had 52,700
Benjamin had 45,600
Naphtali had 45,400
Reuben had 43,730
    Gad had 40,500
                 Ephraim had 32,500 (hill country)

Simeon had 22,200
At the end of the Exodus with Moses in 1271 BCE, Joshua helped the 600,000+ population of 12 tribes to settle in the land they had walked and rode  for 40 years to settle in;  Canaan.  This was land they had left during a terrible famine for Egypt.   They were given explicit directions and instructions from G-d about this according to our Torah of who would settle where.  

The tribe of Judah, the largest and the one we Jews are from, was given the southern portion of land.  Each tribe had their name for their section.  All 12 tribes together created Israel.  Hebron is in Judah, 18 miles south of Jerusalem.
Abraham had bought the land holding the Cave of Machpelah so he could have a place to bury his wife/niece, Sarah.  Today a mosque stands on the site and the Arabs have taken over the city. 
It looks like Jerusalem was actually in Benjamin which was the northern tip of Judah.   

When King Solomon died in 920 BCE, a Civil War ensued between the North and the South, and the Temple, which was in Judah, was the most important to the people of Judah.  We were soon to see that the tribe of Judah was the final tribe left after Assyrians  had their way with Israel.  Israel lasted for 351 years before leaving Judah.  

Then the Babylonians took Judeans away forcefully to Babylonia where they lived in 597 BCE and again in 586 BCE, large numbers were deported.  This was 323 years later from the death of Solomon.  Judeans had lived in their own land of Judah for 685 years.  This is as if Americans from 1776 could continue on their land until the year 2461.  

 Luckily, most returned when King Darius allowed them with the admonishment of telling them to rebuild their temple, and they did!  Not all returned, however after this interlude of time.  There's always those who couldn't or wouldn't return and settled into the ways of Babylonians gladly.  
They had only been gone either 48 to 59 years, about 2 generations from the kidnapping.  

Romans came along and occupied Judah in 63 BCE  , then they burned Jerusalem and the Temple down in 70 CE, killing and taking people as slaves for markets to be slaughtered in their circuses with lions, or fodder for the army, etc.  The Romans took the land and gold from the Temple and changed the name to Judea.  Jews had lived in Judah up till this for the past 1,341 years. Jews almost got it back permanently but it lasted only for 4 years when General Bar Kokhba fought for Jerusalem's return in 132-135, with Romans winning.  They then renamed it as Palaestina after the worst enemy Israel and Judah had had, the Philistines.  Romans had been rebuilding Jerusalem as a Roman Colony and they had prohibited the act of circumcision on Jews.  This was 62 years after the burning of Jerusalem.  

Judea.  The Roman Stamp.  Again, not all Jews were dragged away or even escaped.  Some remained in hiding in their land that was full of hiding places.  They stayed until this very day.  True children of Judah.  Oh, but the geneticists would love to test them!  

We must remember that Abram-Abraham, born in the 2nd millennium BCE or about 1948 BCE,  had entered Canaan from the East around the Euphrates River area.  He had come with his father, Terah,  in a group of people.  His birthplace had been the city of Ur of the Chaldees and when they came they put up their tents in a land already populated by Canaanites and Philistines.  Ur is actually an ancient Babylonian city.  The city was highly civilized in Abram's time and showed archaeologists evidence of an extensive flood at an earlier date.  So these people were really roughing it in their trek to come across the land of Canaan and put up tents.  One wonders what forced them out of Ur?  Abram visited Egypt and then returned to live in Hebron.  Abraham's Y haplogroup (male line) is J1) since Moses and his brother Aaron through Aaron carry this Cohen haplogroup.  It's also shared with many Arabs, proving our history of being cousins.    

Jews who came again in a needed time of return to Eretz came from Eastern Europe and Russia via the Sea and they built Tel Aviv in 1909. Tel Aviv, the Hill of Spring, was the title of the Hebrew translation of Herzl's novel, Altneuland.  They were able to live in places according to the rules of the Ottoman Empire in the 1880s and onward.  That's why they didn't get to settle back into Judea and Samaria easily.  

Judea and Samaria.  What is Samaria?  Where is Samaria?  

Samaria was the capital of the northern kingdom of Israel after Solomon's death when they had lost the use of Jerusalem as their capital.  It was founded in about 880 BCE by the then king Omri on a hill bought from Shemer as told in detail in Kings 16:24.  The site was 7 miles NW of Shechem (today's Nablus) and was on an isolated elevation dominating a wide countryside.  The city was on 25 acres.   It fell in  721 BCE to Sargon II of Assyria who resettled it with Cutheans who intermingled with the remnants of the former Israelite population.  "The Cuthites were a people living in Samaria around 500 BCE, and were to blame for the postponing of the 2nd temple, in the reign of Cyrus the Great. They did this after the Jewish people returned from Babylonian exile, and first agreed to help them, but after the Jews refused, they lied to king Cyrus who postponed the building process."

The name, Samaria, also includes  the entire northern region of the central highlands of Palestine.  

We come to the end of World War I when the Allies promise Jews a Jewish Homeland out of the area known as Palestine/first known as Palestinian Syria.  Palestine was only a piece of land, not a country belonging to anyone except at that moment, the Ottoman Empire who also just owned it for collecting taxes.  It was part of their empire, named by the Romans in their anger. Their intention was to minimize the Jewish association with the area.   The Allies won over the Axis which included the Ottoman Empire and gave a 30 year mandate to Britain to keep order.  Within a short time, this was sliced apart with a huge chunk given away by Britain to a prince of Saudi Arabia who created Trans-Jordan, that became Jordan.  Britain happens to be the Muslim country's greatest trader.  Whether it's that or oil, Britain was not about to be their enemy.  They had fought against the German invaders of gaining the Middle East even though the Ottoman Empire was on Germany's side.

Jordan's land given them by Britain was annexed by them in 1950. This annexation was considered illegal and was recognized only by Britain, Iraq and Pakistan.

Israel was in  a war started by its Muslim neighbors in 1967 which Israel won, so they occupied Judea and Samaria, called the West Bank as it was on the West side of the Jordan River, a border-line.  Jordan called it the "West Bank" in order to minimize the Jewish memories of ownership.  
Israel's piece is the pale yellow color which includes parts
of Jerusalem.  How terrible to cut a city in parts east and west.
Today it is a whole city as it should be.  Arabs were not  moved.
Notice that Israel got the Negev Desert.  Boy!  

"The Oslo Accords, signed between the Palestine Liberation Organization and Israel, created administrative districts with varying levels of Palestinian autonomy within each area. Area C, in which Israel maintained complete civil and security control, accounts for over 60% of the territory of the West Bank.

Abbas of the PA has said that their Palestine will have absolutely no Jews in it.  Judea and Samaria has Jews now living there.  They will be kicked out.  There are 3 areas making up the land according to the Oslo agreements;  A, B, and C.  This would all be discounted.  As a state, they would be receiving weapons.  Gaza does, but illegally so.  So the world is expecting Israel to be attacked not only from Gaza but right next door-even from Jerusalem's east, to be attacked.  
Jerusalem, center of 3 religions; Judaism, Christianity and Islam
with Jordan given rights on Temple Mount
Who suffers?  Jewish worshippers who aren't allowed near Muslim sites-
not even allowed to be seen moving lips.
Perhaps they can during Coronavirus days wearing masks? 

The West Bank, including East Jerusalem, has a land area of 5,640 km2 plus a water area of 220 km2, consisting of the northwest quarter of the Dead Sea.  As of July 2017 it has an estimated population of 2,747,943 Palestinians, and approximately 391,000 Israeli settlers, and approximately another 201,200 Israeli settlers in East Jerusalem. The international community considers Israeli settlements in the West Bank, including East Jerusalem, illegal under international law, though Israel disputes this.Professor Kontorovich defends Israel's interpretation as he is an inter-
national law expert.  
" The International Court of Justice advisory ruling (2004) concluded that events that came after the 1967 occupation of the West Bank by Israel, including the Jerusalem Law, Israel's peace treaty with Jordan and the Oslo Accords, did not change the status of the West Bank (including East Jerusalem) as occupied territory with Israel as the occupying power.Logic makes this impossible, but one finds such courts always siding 
against the Jewish State.  

UPdate-5/21/20 From Kontorovich: " Today, the prevalent approach is that even though the land did not belong to Jordan, it was “Jordanian enough,” and therefore the laws of occupation and the Geneva Convention apply to it. "

"This is nonsense, because even if we assumed this was correct, the Geneva Convention no longer applies when there is a peace treaty, and there has been a peace treaty with Jordan since 1994. It has to be either one or the other: Either it belonged to Israel all the time and Israel liberated its own territory in 1967, and you can’t occupy your own territory. Alternatively, it was “Jordanian enough” in 1967 for the laws of occupation to apply. In that case, the peace treaty with Jordan nullified the Geneva Convention. The Oslo Accords even took it a step further and granted local self-government." 
Right now Israel has on their table, laying there since the end of the 1967 War 
which they won, the annexation of Judea-Samaria.  Jordan is in an uproar.  Iran
is threatening destruction of Israel.  The decision may come soon.  
What is happening?
"On 16 September 2019, in an interview with Israeli Army Radio, Netanyahu said "I intend to extend sovereignty on all the settlements and the (settlement) blocs," including "sites that have security importance or are important to Israel’s heritage," including the settlements in Hebron.
The application of Israeli law in the West Bank settlements has been described by commentators as "creeping annexation."

Update 5/20/20: To annex or not, that is the $64 question with so many American Jews against it.  Wouldn't it be fair to say that only Netanyahu's government has the obligation to decide such a decision?  We can put forth our opinion, but in the end, it is their right to decide.  I remember that Truman wanted to recognize Israel and all his men advised against it, but he did it anyway.  It was the best decision for the Jews of Palestine, even the ones living in the United States, and not bad at all for the USA.  Israel's big brother has benefited.  This annexation of Judea and Samaria is looked upon by the Israeli government as them being 53 years in arrears for the act.  It should have been done at the end of 1967's War.  They've given the Arabs every chance to be peaceful people, but it hasn't happened.  It hasn't yet.  

Update: 5/20/20:  "During the 1967 Six-Day WarIsrael captured East Jerusalem, a part of the West Bank, from Jordan. It has remained occupied until the present day. On June 27, 1967, Israel unilaterally extended its law and jurisdiction to East Jerusalem and some of the surrounding area, incorporating about 70 square kilometers of territory into the Jerusalem Municipality. Although at the time Israel informed the United Nations that its measures constituted administrative and municipal integration rather than annexation, later rulings by the Israeli Supreme Court indicated that East Jerusalem had become part of Israel. In 1980, Israel passed the Jerusalem Law as part of its Basic Law, which declared Jerusalem the "complete and united" capital of Israel. In other words, Israel purported to annex East Jerusalem. The annexation was declared null and void by UNSC Resolutions 252, 267, 271, 298, 465, 476 and 478.

Israel and the territories Israel occupied in the Six-Day War.
Jewish neighborhoods have since been built in East Jerusalem, and Israeli Jews have since also settled in Arab neighborhoods there, though some Jews may have returned from their 1948 expulsion after the Battle for Jerusalem. Only Costa Rica recognized Israel's annexation of East Jerusalem, and those countries who maintained embassies in Israel did not move them to Jerusalem. The United States Congress has passed the Jerusalem Embassy Act, which recognizes Jerusalem as the united capital of Israel and requires the relocation of the U.S. embassy there, but the bill has been waived by presidents ClintonBush, and Obama on national security grounds. President Trump has begun the controversial process of moving the United States embassy to Jerusalem, but has not recognized the annexation of East Jerusalem."
"Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas ends security agreement with Israel and US"                           

Rockets shot from Gaza
    I haven't seen any security from Gaza at all which is in cahoots with Abbas.  Gaza is the PA's strongarm.  They have constantly been shooting mortars, missiles and rockets at Israel.  

"Declaration follows the creation of a new Israeli government which is officially contemplating annexation of some areas of the West Bank."  
Israel is made up of over 20% of Arabs who have equal rights with Jewish Israeli citizens.  
Gaza is ruled over by Arabs for their Arabs.  They swore to not have peace at the Khartoum Conference after 1967's loss in the war.  Israel had first cleared all their own Jewish citizens out of Gaza in order to give them more room, which was very hard on their citizens for sure!  They had to leave businesses that the Gazans destroyed.  

Being nice only got Israel snipers and bombers, people fighting with fire in kites, Tunneling to kidnap Jews better, every sort of hateful act.  And the world continues to harp on having a Palestinian State on Judah's remains, a sliver of land that the Jews finally held in their hands of the pie they were promised.  80% of their land had first gone to Jordan!  They were left with 20% now being harped up as sliced to make Palestine-leaving what?  10% of the original piece?
The New Standard jewish Encyclopedia
Tanakh, Stone Edition
Update: 5/21/20: Sharpe Essay

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