Sunday, June 23, 2013

Sunday NightCame With 7 Rocket Attacks

Nadene Goldfoot
Gaza was at it again shooting 7 rockets into southern Israel Sunday night.  Before midnight, 3 rockets fell into the Bnei Shimon region and exploded in an open area.  People knew about it first with the siren sounding.  It broke the silence of 40 days.

By 1:am 4 rockets had fallen in the Ashkelon region.  One must have been caught by the Iron Dome as 3 exploded in open areas.

There had been 12 rockets attacks   in April and 3 in May of which 2 were rockets and one was from small arms shooting.

Though no one was inured, this does wake everyone up including children.  It is unnerving and simply angers most people.  It lets people know that the neighbors are neither friendly or peaceful and cannot be trusted.
Update: 6/24/13: Ha'aretz newspaper reports that Israel took out 4 targets in Gaza in reply to the 6 rocket attack.  

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Nadene Goldfoot said...

Netanyahu said Israel would not permit a trickle of rocket fire to go unanswered. "Nothing will be allowed to drip or accumulate," he said.

"We have acted and will continue to act against threats that are near and far," Netanyahu said. "I believe that Jews must be able to defend themselves, by themselves, and to act with determination against any enemy that tries to harm us."