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Palestine About Bankrupted Before It is Created

Nadene Goldfoot                                                                    

   King Solomon died in 920 BCE and Judea was Created out of Israel, which came to be called Samaria.

For the past 65 years the Palestinian Arabs have refused the opportunity to have their own state, which was offered to them when Israel accepted their offer from the British that held the mandate to the land.  Four wars in Israel's first 25 years where the Palestinians and neighboring states attacked has caused Israel to never know peace.  They still have refused to accept Israel's existence, yet Israel has tried to sit down and talk about peace terms.

Since 1967's Six Day War (June 5th to 11th) ,  when all the Arab states attacked Israel and lost, they suddenly decided they wanted their own state, but have been so busy attacking Israel that they haven't really put their minds to the challenge.                          
                                                            Jordan River
The Palestinian Authority (PA) have been in control of Judea-Samaria for about that past 10 years and have not been able to get the Hamas terrorists and others in Gaza since they have had control from 1972  to settle down and stop attacking southern Israel.  The leadership of both the PA and Gaza cannot come to terms.  What have they done?  Stack up a huge debt.

On  August 12, 2011, it was reported that the USA had given the Gazan Hamas terrorists $100 million and then might hold it back.  "The American threat came in response to a growing attempt by Hamas to exert control over the international organizations that support the many impoverished Palestinians among Gaza’s population of 1.5 million people.Hamas shut down the U.S.-financed International Medical Corps after it refused to submit to a Hamas audit.

As reported on October 23, 2012, Qatar's Emir, Sheik Hamad bin Khaifa-al-Thani,  came to Gaza causing quite a stir by pledging $400 million to Hamas in Gaza.  Usually, the Hamas terrorists get their money from "private donors in Saudi Arabia and other oil-rich Gulf states. Iran also provides significant support, which some diplomats say could amount to $20-30 million per year. In addition, some Muslim charities in the United States, Canada, and Western Europe funnel money into Hamas-backed social service groups."

The PA's financial crisis is getting worse, even though they keep receiving handouts from their rich Arab neighbors.  Their PA deputy prime minister for economic affairs, Muhammad Mustafa,  explained on Tuesday their dire state in that they are $4.2 Billion in internal and external debt.  The PA owes $600 million to banks and $1 Billion to international financial institutions.  Gaza has owed Israel 700 million shekels in unpaid electricity bills.  Israel has been giving them electricity when they have fired rockets, mortars and missiles at southern Israel.

The USA had given aid to the Gazan Palestinians annually in the tune of about $500 million.  Besides that, the USA is supporting the UN quite well.  Since they are terrorizing Israel, they are not to receive such money today.                                            
                                                       Gaza City
Mustafa also warned of a growing job crisis because they have more than 250,000 Palestinians unemployed.  This is very bad for the young people.

There are many Palestinian refugee camps set up since 1948 where there have been 3 generations living as such, the longest historical group of people living in this status.  They are dependent on the UN for everything.

Israel's Arab minority in "Palestine"  has multiplied immensely since 1948.  Then the minority population of Arabs in Israel was 126,000.  Their illiteracy was at 95%.  They had a school aged population of 10,000 children, 286 teachers. and 15 university students.  Only 4% of the women gave birth in a hospital and they had absolutely no health services.  Electricity was almost non-existent..  Their farmers had but 5 agricultural machines and they expect to only live to the age of 52.

By 1972 the Arab population in Israel rose to 458,500 and illiteracy was down to 5% with 117,000 school aged children and 5,000 teachers.  The universities now had 1,000 Palestinian students.  93% of mothers gave birth in hospitals and they have 85 clinics and 75 mother and child health stations.  92% of the people had electricity and the farmers had 960 agricultural machines.  The Palestinians could expect to live to age 70.  By July 1972, there were almost a million Arabs living in the administered areas.  640,600 lived in Judea and Samaria on 2,270 sq miles.  388,600 lived in the Gaza Strip of 140 s. miles and North Sinai and 8,000 lived in the Golan Heights on 500 sq miles.  Today, Israel has about a 20% population of Arabs, about 1.7 million.  They are full citizens.

The Palestinians are still not ready to have their own state.  At the rate they are going, they would want 2 anyway since the two groups are never in agreement.  It's a power struggle.  If they would stop trying to take all of Israel and settle down recognize Israel and that it's here to stay, decide to go for peace instead, then work on the parts of state building, they might make it in the next 100 years.

Resource:, (Ma'an News Agency)

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