Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Lebanon Fired at Northern Israel
Nadene Goldfoot
The border between Lebanon and Israel has been quiet in the past few years.  When I lived in Safed, Major Hadad of the Christian Militia guarded it and we were kept safe from terrorists for a while until things heated up around 1982 when they went into Sabra and Shatilla and overstepped their boundaries by executing the Palestinian terrorists.  Now Hadad has died and I don't think the Christian group is active with us anymore.

In October of 2009, these same Lebanese terrorists fired a Katyusha on the Upper Galille and wounded an Israeli.  The IDF answered with a half dozen rounds of fire.  Terrorists seem to keep trying, but the IDF is prepared to protect Israel. 

In January of 2009 three missiles were fired and exploded near Kiryat Shimona without causing damage.  This is my favorite town with a department store similar to Meier &Frank.  During my ulpan days of 1980, my co-student friend went to that town over a vacation period and couldn't leave as she was in the bomb shelter for the whole time and it was unsafe to leave it.  We had no cell phones in those days and so we worried about what had happened to her. Many American Jews had made aliyah and lived up there, and they were very upset. They weren't used to living under such stress.  The northern Galilee was being constantly attacked from Lebanon then, and we in Safed were not very far away.  I think we drove to Kiryat Shimona in 1/2 hour.   

August found a Lebanese army soldier opening fire on Israeli soldiers manning the northen border.  That was the first border incident in a year. 

Now, four or more Katyusha missiles from Lebanon were fired into northern Israel last night.  They exploded near the border  of Ma'alot and Kfar V'radim and caused some damage to a building.  It was thought  that explosions came from the Lebanese side of the border at first. 

IDF forces fired back and considers this a serious incident.  The Lebanese army is responsible for the prevention of firing at Israel. 

Resource: Arutz sheva news@israelinationalnews.com  Katyusha Missiles Fired from Lebanon at Northern Israel by Elad Benari
http://blog.standforisrael.org/articles/four-katyusha-rockets-strike-israel?s_src=SFIEN&s_subsrc=EN11112XXEXXA  added 12/1/11
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