Monday, November 28, 2011

Nadene Goldfoot
Cairo's Egyptians have been demonstrating all week about their own disorganized politics, but took time to have a Muslim Brotherhood rally against Jews and Israel purposely planned on the 1947 partition plan's anniversary which called for the establishment of a Jewish state They threatened to do this over a week ago. 

They went to Cairo's most prominent mosque on Friday and of course had a venomous anti-Israel protest vowing to "one day kill all Jews."  About 5,000 people joined into this demonstration.  Throughout the event, the Muslim Brotherhood activists chanted: "Tel Aviv, Tel Aviv, judgment day has come."

The Muslim Brotherhood seems to be the leader of politics in Egypt as it is the best organized group, but the people have also showed an interest in the more Islamic parties as well.  The Brotherhood's charter calls for the destruction of Israel and Jews.  (See Stand With Israel and my blog article)

At a time when Sadat and then Mubarak were in charge, the Muslim Brotherhood was outlawed.  The leading religious leader, Sheik Yusuf al-Qaradawi was kicked out of the country.  He found refuge in Qatar, "that tiny Persian Gulf state" next door to Saudi Arabia with the Emir who embraced him.  Qaradawi has also called for the killing of all Jews as well as the destruction of Israel.  He tells people that he is a moderate, and I'm afraid that many good Americans have bought into this.   Qatar holds the rotating presidency this year of the Arab League. 

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