Friday, November 04, 2011

Islamist Jihad Terrorists Taking Over Gaza

Nadene Goldfoot
Hamas terrrorists are  being overtaken by an extreme terrorist group in Gaza called the Islamist Jihad.  They seem to be responsible for the recent barrage of 39 missiles fired into Israel hitting everplace from the border to Ashkelon, which is the farthest city from Gaza and contains the area's main hospital, the Barzilai Medical Center, treating Arabs and Jews alike.

They were invited to Cairo to talk about a cease fire, which of course would give the terrorists time to re-position  their new portable missile launcher and  take a lunch break.  It didn't happen, but Israel's Knesset has given the IDF to go in and stop these missile shooters, which seems to have brought the shooting to a half for now. 

By their name, I wondered if this group isn't an outgrowth of the Muslim Brotherhood, the most organized politcal group in Egypt?  The answer is that they are.  Their goals are the same;  the destruction of Israel.  They plan to replace the tiny state with an Islamist state.  They started in Beirut Lebanon and were supported by Hezbollah terrorism, then branched out to an office in Damasus,  and are also found in Judea and Samaria's Arab population in Hebron and Jenin and of course have become predominant in Gaza.  What is worrisome is that they have been known to recruit chemical engineers into their web of destruction. 

There was a point where Hamas was trying to stop their rocket attacks, but have decided to just sit back and let them be the bulldogs in their plot to destroy Israel.  They have no intention to sign any peace treaties with this goal in prominence.  Like Hamas,they do not discriminate between civilians and soldiers.  They aim in a general direction of a highly populated Southern Israel and the population has 12 seconds to run for a bomb shelter.  Heaven help you if you are disabled in anyway.  One Israeli fellow in his 50's was hit in the stomach with shrapnel and died from his wounds.  Many were injured while others were so emotionally upset that they had to be hospitalized as well.   

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