Thursday, November 10, 2011

What King of Security Does Security Council Work For?

Nadene Goldfoot
Last week Israel was violently attacked in a huge barrage of 39 missiles raining into the civilian population of southern Israel  which resulted in one death, 16 wounded, 14 traumatized, not to mention that one million people were forced to stay in their bomb shelters at home for the entire week.  This means that 200,000 children were kept out of school and all work came to a standstill.  Did the United Nations Security Council bemoan the deed?  Not a word came out of this council. 

Ambassador Ron Prosor, former Israeli ambassador to the UK and now to the UN,  spoke yesterday to this body dealing with security of its members and said this surely should have called for a reaction, but heard nothing from them in condemning the attacks.  What gives? 

Isn't it about time that this group speaks up and tells the Palestinians to stop?  What are they afraid of, or are they cheering on the side?  Are they betting as to who will win?  This isn't how the security council is supposed to react.  Is this what the USA supports with money?  It seems to me just about how Europe reacted to Jews' being treated by the Nazis.  Remember Kristallnacht?  It happened on November 9-10, 1938.  There wasn't any U.N. then, and no one nation stood up to stop the attacks on Jews, which resulted in the death of 6 million Jews and millions of other minority groups. 

Does the security council think that there has to be a certain number of people killed in an attack to react or even send a postcard of condolence?  The only reason that Israel has a small number of people killed is that they have a small number of people to begin with that have worked very hard to protect their citizens from attack and have bomb shelters for a large number of their population.  They are not a people ready to sacrifice life in order to make a point.  The philosophy of Israel is for "life", not death.  I'd like to see the members receive such bombardment in their countries and find out how they would feel about it.  Do they not remember the attacks in their countries during WWII? 

The Security Council does not endorse security, at least for Israel at all.  Get out of the bar and grill, fellows, and do what you're supposed to do or hang it up and go home.  I think enough money on your organization has been wasted.  The "Palestinian" Arabs have been taking enough shots at Israelis.  Enough is Enough! 

Reference: sent from Victor Sharpe
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