Thursday, December 01, 2011

PA in Denial   Israel Has World-Given Right to Exist
Nadene Goldfoot
A Palestinian Authority (PA) ambassador to India, Adli Sadeq,  was quoted as explaining that they know Israel exists, but they reject their right to exist.  I say that due to the fact that they were accepted as a state through the U.N. and were declared a state in May 1948, they are the same as any other declared state in the world.  If the PA can't understand this legal act, they are in denial.

 It's not only Hamas but Fatah both feel this way.  The Palestinians don't want to accept the fact that the Ottoman Empire was on the wrong side by going along with Germany, and the Axis lost the First World War and the Second World War.  England was given the responsiblity to manage "Palestine" and agreed in the creation of the Jewish Homeland.  Even one of their Sheiks thought it was a tremendous idea and was in favor of it.  The land was a waste of sand and mosquito filled swamps.  There was no country of Palestine; it was simply the name of the region.  It was fallow, dormant, unwanted land that had once been two  Jewish countries called Judea and Israel. From the time they were destroyed and people were carted off as slaves in 70 CE to 1948, not much had changed except for the re-development of the Jewish towns from  the 1800's from returning Jews.  Mark Twain gave a lovely accounting of his trip through the land in the 1800's as to how undeveloped and undesirable it was. 

We Jews were getting tired of anti-semitism and being kicked around the world after almost 2,000 years and had always prayed to return to Jerusalem.  We had our leaders working with the English right early on to let us have a Jewish Homeland, a much needed refuge, in our old stomping grounds where we were destined to be according to G-d.  See, our family was led out of Ur, which is in Iraq, in order to establish a Jewish Homeland by G-d in the first place. 

The PA doesn't believe we have a right to exist, doesn't respect us, and by feeling this way is avoiding making a decent life for their people. All the men do is sit around and make and shoot bombs.   All they have to do is to read some history and they will find out that they have been so wrong.  We Israelis/Jews know they feel this way. We're still trying to live with them.  We're not occupiers.  We're owners.  We were here 5,000 years ago, before we wandered into Egypt because of a drought and became slaves for 400 years.  We came back and are back.  Get used to it and get a life.  Also, by the way, I believe that India is a friend of Israel.  The hate-spewing ambassador is wasting his time.  Mumbai (Bombay) bombing was a good example of the PA love token. 

For not recognizing us and treating us like the plague, the PA is sure dependant on Israel.  They do not have electricity or many needed things without us yet they bite the hand that feeds them.  Is Abbas just recognizing this fact?  It's better to get along with your neighbor than kill him, for you may need him someday.  The PA has set up an example of how to treat them.  Only our Judaism keeps us from following suit. 

Resource: PMW Bulletin  PA Official: " Israel never had any shred of a right to exist!"
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