Saturday, November 19, 2011

Arabs Against Jews in Jerusalem  Million Prepare for Demonstration

Nadene Goldfoot
A million Egyptian Arabs are planning a march against Judaization of Jerusalem! Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood of Egypt are behind this demonstration in Cairo to take place a week from Friday, during our Thanksgiving holiday.

They will leave from the Al-Azhar mosque, the largest in Egypt and walk to Tahir Square.  Leading the march will be Ahmed a-Taib, the highest Islamic cleric in Egypt and most important in the Sunni Arab world who is the head of the Al-Azhar mosque.  He's pushing everyone to join them.  Earlier this year he met with Khaled Masha'al, a big-shot terrorist, to work out a plan which Hamas could use to achieve the goal of eliminating Jews from Jerusalem. 

They've also set up a committee to stop the progress of Zionists to Judaize Jerusalem.  Muhammad Amarra, chairman, cites Jewish presense to that of the Crusader occupation.  I'd say that they're a little late by about over 3,000 years, as Kings Saul and David and Solomon made it quite clear that Jerusalem was a Jewish city.  By this they may mean to destroy any Jewish article in the city. 

They plan on "defending" the Al-Aqsa mosque on the Temple Mount.  All politicians and even the Coptic Christians are expected to endorse their platform.  They intend to remove Jews from Jerusalem.  They're calling on all "liberal and freedom-seeking groups" to support the Arab effort to liberate "Al-Quds" the Arabic name for Jerusalem. 

What American politician was unperturbed when it was brought up that the Muslim Brotherhood could become a leading party in Egypt's Arab Spring?  Remember?  Here we may have the whole country of Egypt trying to wipe out Israel again. 

The big problem is the mosque over the Temple Mount.  Probably the Muslims have been destroying anything Jewish under it.  It has even been wondered if the Ark of the Covenant wasn't under there.  Here Abbas's Fatah with Hamas have accused Israel of destroying artifacts and it is they who intend to do this along with forcing out all Jews.   

Jerusalem is not a word in the Koran.  They know our history, they just  don't intend to accept it.  It interferes with their ambition of a complete take-over of Israel. 

 However, this Saturday in Cairo started off with a riot of their own in Tahir Square.  A tent was asked to be moved by the police, and the occupants refused, so it ended with 600 wounded and one dead.  Hopefully, the citizens of Egypt will have had enough demonstrations for the time being and will not attend next week. 


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