Sunday, November 06, 2011

Rocks and Rockets Keep Flying
Nadene Goldfoot
Kassam rockets from Gaza attacked this weekend hitting a foreign worker who was taken to Barzilai Hospital in Ashkelon  Two missiles had hit overnight south of this port city which is home to oil, gas and electric infrastructures. 

It looks like the Islam Jihad group is responsible, but Hamas is held responsible for what goes on in Gaza.  Egypt has warned Hamas that they must stop the attacks and that Egypt cannot broker a cease fire if they don't cease firing. 

Also, Judea and Samaria received terrorist attacks.  A man was hit in Samaria from an Arab fire bomb while he was driving his car early Sunday morning.  This was from about 30 Arab rioters throwing rocks and fire bombs on motorists on Highway 60, which is the Jerusalem-Hevron Highway.  They have had deadly attacks at times. 

Arabs also attacked IDF on patrol in the El Aroub Sundar Judean village  which is also on Highway 60.  They threw rocks at them, and they responded with riot control measures. 

In Judea on Saturday the IDF arrested two wanted terrorists.  One terrorist was caught near Bethlehem which is south of Jerusalem and another stopped near Shechem which is north of the capital. 

An Israeli worker was attacked by terrorists from Gaza while he was doing maintenance work on the security fence.  There was a 2 hour gunfight in which the 2 terrorists were killed.  I might add that the terrorists have made it very clear that they're out to kidnap IDF or probably any Israeli to be held for more ransom of terrorist prisoners, so that any person is in jeopardy of being either killed or kidnapped today. 

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