Friday, November 18, 2011

Palestinian Qassam Rockets That Hit Israel
Nadene Goldfoot

Since 2001 Qassam rockets, unguided missiles, have been raining down on southern Israel, usually hitting Sderot, the closest Israeli city.  They started off with a range of hitting only 1.9 miles away and built up to 6.2 miles away and now can reach a 12 mile radius.  Considering the narrowness of Israel, they don't need to reach much farther. 

What it started off as was a simple steel artilery rocket developed and used by the Izz ad-Dinal Qassam Brigades, the military arm of Hamas.  The name was of a militant Syrian preacher who died in 1935 and was one of the reasons of the 1936 Arab Revolt against the British.  This preacher had died in a guerrilla raid against the British in 1935.  They have created 3 different models.  Actually, all types of rockets are fired into Israel.  The Palestinian Islamic Jihad Al Quds rockets are called Qassams by Israel and other countries.  Since 2000, the Palestinian rockets have killed 22 Israelis and one Thai. 

These may be made right in Gaza, and their design uses common tools and parts.  They use sugar and potassium nitrate, a common fertilizer  to make them move. The warhead is filled with TNT and urea nitrate, another fertilizer.  The TNT is smuggled in through the Rafah border tunnels into the Gaza Strip. 

By 2006 a more advanced Qassam was able to hit as far as Ashkelon.  Israel looked at them as a more psychological than physical threat at first.  IDF used the Red Color warning system in Sderot, Ashkelon and other targets.  This is radar that detects rockets being launched, and used loudspeakers to tell people to take cover.  They had between 15 to 45 seconds before impact.  Now a system called Iron dome has been built to intercept rockets before they hit that has been in use since March 2011, but so far is kept only in the larger cities. 

On July 23, 2004, a Palestinian family actually tried to physically stop the Brigades from setting up a Qassam rocket launcher outside their house and the brigade shot one member of the family, the Arab boy, and wounded 5 others. 

In 2009 They were able to reach Ashdod and  Beersheba with the more advanced Katusha and Grad missiles. 

In October 2010 five children and 3 women were injured after a Qassam rocket exploded near a crowded residential area of Tel As-sultan in Rafah.  Hamas has been condemned for storing explosive material near civilians.   In August another explosion wounded 58 and destroyed 7 houses of the Arabs in Gaza.  In trying to kill Jews, they have managed to kill more of their own civilians. 

Here it is 2011, almost 2012 and they are still raining down helter skelter.  What makes me angry is that the media other than Israel and pro-Israeli media do not understand the damage and deaths that these cause.  One website I had just read thought that because they may be home made are not something to fear and is listed under resources below. 

The word "Qassam" usually means the deadly home-made variety while those from Lebanon are called "Katyushas."  Katyushas are a generic class of rocket.  In 2007 the Palestinian Islamic Jihad or Al Quds fired 34%, Hamas fired Qassams or 22%, Fatah fired 8%, the Popular Resistance committes fired 6% and 30% came from unidentified enemy in Gaza. 

In 2001 only 4 were fired at Israel.  2002: 35, 2003: 155; 2004: 281, 2005: 179, 2006: 946, 2007: 896, and they hit the jackpot in 2008 by firing 2,048 at Israel.  Israel finally retaliated in 2008 with Operation Cast Lead, and then got bawled out by the world for trying to  protect themselves.  All this time there was no country speaking out and advising the Palestinian Arabs that they shouldn't spend their time taking all these shots at Israel if they wanted to live peacefully in this world.  All during this time Israel warned the world that they would retaliate and to stop, but they didn't.  The Arabs of Gaza sped up the attacks, instead, like they were daring: "Bring it on."  This led to the UN's Goldstone Report blaming Israel which he changed later after the damage was done besmirching Israel's name.  This same Goldstone Report is possibly very responsible for groups in the USA to continue to punish Israel by boycotting and divesting from Israel all products.  They are trying to delegitimize Israel's existence.  This has now become one of the largest problems Israelis and Jews are facing. 

Now that Libya has been under attack and Ghadafi is dead, weapons have been smuggled into Gaza, no doubt.  That's where some of the more lethal and long-range onces have been coming from.   Even the newer Qassam 3 made in Gaza can now reach out 12 miles away. 

These weapons rain down in southern Israel without any aiming.  They fall on civilians only.  The distance has been growing that they can reach.  People have 12 seconds to run for a bomb shelter. 

In just this month of November, rockets have come into Israel on the 1st, 4th, 5th, 6th, 9th, 10th, 13th and 15th of the month for a total of 11 rockets.  No one ever knows where they will land.  Though Israel's Iron Dome since March 27th has stopped 24 rockets from coming into several larger cities, they cannot afford an Iron Dome for everyplace.  It costs $100,000 for every interception, and this does not include the cost of creating and setting up an Iron Dome. 

We here who live safely in the USA cannot imagine trying to live a life where you may really feel you are Henny Penny running to tell the king that the sky is falling.  We shudder thinking of an asteroid that could fall out of the sky.  How would Americans feel about living through years of shelling from 12 miles away and have 12 seconds to run to a bomb shelter?  One bout of that and you're done for the day, most likely.  You'd be afraid to even go to the bathroom.  Welcome to a world that the UN pretends doesn't exist but that Jews prayed for 2,000 years to regain.  And yes, it's worth it to us.  Ha Shem said, "but I didn't promise you a rose garden."  He's making us work for it, I think.  We've gone through so much that we're not about to give it up. 

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