Wednesday, June 15, 2011

West Bank Arabs Rioting Against Israelis
Nadene Goldfoot
The Middle East is in an uproar with countries trying to overpower their Kings and despots.  It's been affecting the Arabs of the West Bank as well.  May saw a lot of rioting going on.  Israel's remembrance of it's birthday saw a lot of Arabs rioting, as well as on Jerusalem Day in June.  Their disappointment in our success was displayed in their Nakba Day, and was again celebrated with rioting. 

Riots started on the Friday the 10th this month.  It happened at the Western Wall near the Moroccan Gate after the Muslim prayers and continued with around 200 people in a village with people armed with bats and iron chains who also burned a Jewish hut, tent and holy books in the prayer corner. 

There have been quite a few flare-ups of rioting and stone throwing, and worse over the past three days in the West Bank against Israelis.  Each riot involves about 50 Arabs attacking border policem or IDF.  Bilin has seen 50 rioters, Dir Nizam 50, Umm Salamana 50, SE of Ramallah 40, and Qalandiya 100.  The border policeman there was lightly injured.  The rioters were throwing flares at the soldiers and firebombs, molotov cocktails and many many rocks.

There are two villages northwest of Ramallah in the Judea/Samaria area.  One is the Jewish village of Nili.  A few men were using bulldozers on their land.  About 50  Arabs from Deir Qaddis didn't like that at all.  They were thinking that the Jews were coming too close to their property, so they went out and stoned the soldiers that were protecting the Nilins.  They didn't just throw little stones, they were heaving huge ones in what turned out to be a big riot.

One soldier was attacked in this violence so badly that the stones shattered his leg.  Then the crowd all advanced towards him even closer while still throwing stones.  He opened fire into the air, then as they quickly came closer, shot at them with him live rounds.  Another soldier was also wounded in the spree.  The soldiers then used rubber bullets and tear gas on the attackers.  Several Arabs were injured. 

Four more villages saw riots, another involving 100 rioters, one with 50 and two more with 30 people each involved. 

Everyone is pressing Israel to sit down to talk peace with the Palestinians, but they haven't even decided who is going to head up their people, Fatah or Hamas.  That's still undecided.  Besides, that, their people are rumbling against Israel, showing that they haven't got peace in mind at all.  Besides the people heating up, so is the temperature.  It was Abbas of Fatah who refused to sit down and talk.  Now it's Abbas who is going to have to show the world and Israel that he is ready to make peace after all, and the big step they must take is to finally accept a Jewish Israel in the midst of their Muslim territory.

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