Tuesday, June 14, 2011

New Tactic for July 21, 2011 By Gazan Arabs
Nadene Goldfoot

The Palestinians are planning to go to the U.N. in September to get votes for creating Palestine without sitting down to the table with Israel to talk about peace.  Obama is even against this and said the two countries must first agree on a peace plan before this happens. 

This doesn't deter them.  They're still planning on using force to create their state instead of having to get along with Israel by making peace.  They are planning a Day of Loyalty on July 21st where they have sent out a message on facebook for all Arabs everywhere to form a human chain and to gather outside Israeli embassies first.  This is to pressure the international community to accept them as a state. 

Again, Israel cannot allow an immense human chain to break their way into Israel as no country would ever allow such a thing.  They are trying to cause deaths and injuries on their side to gain sympathy, and therefore their absurb way of getting recognition.  One wonders if all these people don't mind leaving their jobs and families to do such a dangerous stunt where they might lose their lives. 

It looks like Britian might cave into this type of pressure and do so.  It doesn't take much for England to be anti-Israel. England has had a long history of anti-semitism,  as did much of Europe,  and were not very helpful in the beginning of Israel's existence.   In fact, they made promises they did not keep.    Here we have Israel going through all the hoops with England getting established legally in the U.N, and yet they might throw all this out by allowing in a state that professes to have as its goal to destroy Israel.   To allow a Palestine now is to be against Israel.  The Arabs already have at least 47 states where the majority population is Muslim.  It's not like they have to have another one in order to survive.  That's exactly how Israel feels.  This is our only Jewish state in the world, and the world should know how anti-semitic they have beeen in history past and present to understand how we feel. 

The 47 largest Muslim dominated states in the world are as follows in order of population size from 100% to 50% Muslim: Indonesia, with 228,582,000  of which 86.1% are Sunni Muslims, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nigeria, Egypt, Turkey, Iran, Sudan, Algeria , Afghanistan., Morocco, Iraq, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Uzbekistan, Yemen, Syria, Kazakhstan, Niger,Burkina Faso, Mali, Senegal, tunisia, Guinea, Somalia, Azerbaijan, tajikistan, sierra Leone, Libya, Jordan, United Arab Emirates, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Chad, Lebanon, Kuwait, Albania, Mauritania, Oman, Kosovo, The Gambia, Bahrain, Comoros, Qatar, Djibouti, Brunei Darussatam, and Maldives. 

Saudi Arabia is 100% Sunni Muslim but is not counting the whole population.  All Saudi citizens are regarded as Wahhabi, but they have over 8 million foreign workers in the country that are not citizens.  Saudi Arabia is an absolute monarchy of 27,730,000 Muslim citizens.  There is no data or information about their religious beliefs of the workers, but you can count on one thing; they are not Jewish.  They are most likely Muslims of other sects and perhaps Christians

added 6/15/11: http://idfspokesperson.com/2011/06/13/former-british-armed-forces-commander-speaks-about-the-idf/ British officer mentioning that IDF was only friend

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