Saturday, June 25, 2011

French Ignore Plea from UN:   First in Flotilla Against Israel
Nadene Goldfoot
Six Frenchman on their ship have left this morning from Corsica to be the first in the seas to be a part of the flotilla sailing to break through the blockade of Gaza. 

The UN has put out the statement not to be a part of the flotilla.  Israel has every right to protect itself against ships that could be carrying weapons into Gaza to be used against Israel.  There is no shortage of supplies in Gaza, so they are only getting publicity for themselves to be used against Israel.

The rest of the fleet plans to leave next week and includes two freighters they say are carrying medical supplies.  They should reach the Gaza port by the 30th of June or 1st of July. 

I hope they all carry cameras and plan to tour Gaza to see what a remarkable city it is without perishing from want.  Maybe they'll even notice the 300 trucks that go into Gaza every day delivering supplies that Israel brings.  They may even see Gaza with more produce than they have in their own home towns and will buy goods to bring back. 

Israel is going to have to search every ship to make sure that they are not smuggling in weapons.  Hamas is getting them somehow.  Attacks on Israel have already started up again.   To me, by joining this flotilla, the participants are showing a complete lack of regard for Israelis' lives.  They have joined the side of Israel's enemies who wish to destroy her.  Why?  They do not believe Israel or even the reticent UN in the fact that there is no deprivation going on in Gaza.  They care not for what their bombardments have done to Israeli citizens.  They are siding with people who want to destroy Israel.,7340,L-4086890,00.html
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